thestatlerpat said:

It's all pretty silly. It's a lot of misinformed, scared people making misinformed, scared decisions. This isn't anything new in America, just look at the Patriot Act, but that doesn't make it okay. Gun violence comes from poverty, media glorification, and mental health issues. It goes to show just how hypocritical the current American administration is when they sent the very same weapons they're trying to ban to cartels in Mexico, which resulted in the deaths of American citizens.

Careful there, I don’t wanna get too into politics right now.

Mostly because I’m very “meh” on Obama as a president. 


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This is great.  Short doco on the making of Jalamanta.  A record that woke me up with it’s chilled out vibe.  Brant Bjork is one of the only artists that I look up to.

So, I did a chart of my favorite albums because I was bored. It’s pretty accurate, if anyone out there in Followerland is curious about everything I listen to.

I skipped the album after Normal for some reason, which is I Have A Special Plan For This World by Current 93.