PALEO PUMPKIN PANCAKES #PSP (#PUMPKINSPICEPANCAKES) Heck yes! Made them…tasted them…and dang they’re mighty good…don’t even need syrup! I’ve had lots of issues with pumpkin pancakes in the past and they turned out HORRIBLE … Making me feel disgusted every time I heard the word pumpkin haha. These won’t dissapoint! #lowcarb #ulc #psp #pumpkin #pancakes #paleo #paleocooking #lowcarbpaleo #eatclean #cleaneating #lccooking

Today starts week 6 of P90X, HIIT running, and super clean low carb paleo! I had every reason not to start this week off right; it was a super stressful week/weekend with a sick toddler. I did p90x at 6am anyway. I ran sprints on lunch. I continued to eat clean. I can honestly say I am proud of myself. Any one, myself included, would have had the right to throw in the towel and not work out or order a pizza instead —but I didn’t. Damn, its the little things. It really is.

Increased weight!

Leg day. To sum it up, I left the gym feeling as if I were going to be sick in my desk trash can. Woo! I did several sets of lunges holding 25’s. I knew today was the day I went up in weights. Leg pressed 125 as well. Did a number of other leg workouts, but those are the ones I am excited about.

Tomorrow will absolutely be a rest day. Not trying to overtrain and end up with a ton of cortisol making all my good hard work end up for nothing.

Train smart people: Train Hard and Rest.

One of my favorites today: Bi's and Tri's!

Oh I love when I am in the zone. Those weeks where you just bang out workouts and increase weight. You leave that gym thinking “I came and I conquered!!”. I know not all weeks can feel so good, but this week is. Very thankful.

Took a rest day yesterday, but did a “hunter gather” walk (Walk to Trader Joe’s, gathered my food, walked back). Hahaha what a nerd I am I love it. Picked up a treat of bacon for the weekend, nitrate free chicken hot dogs, lemons, spices, almond flour, etc. So that was so low impact movement.

This morning workout to even more sore legs than when yesterday. Maybe I should invest in some BCAA’s? Hoping to regularly curling 20’s soon, and who knows, maybe I can press 25’s tomorrow for shoulders? One I get up in weight, I do not plan on rushing to the next weight. I know these things take time.

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling so low, drinking and eating sugar. I plan on making this stretch of low carb paleo and strength training last longer than the last. I feel its perfect timing for it. I don’s plan on drinking any alcohol, eating any sugar, or doing anything too crazy really. (For now) All Business, rest, enjoying the simple things. My family <3 
I will do all this now because summer is coming. Summer: Food, treats, icecream, parties, temptations! I WILL indulge in these, I refuse to attempt to be 100% perfect and not be human. And when I say indulge I do not mean eat everything in sight. I have tried this in the past and failed miserably. So for these last weekend before the festivities, why not use it to my advantage? Woo. I am so hype. I feel my body does better when I have those treats at the end of a long extended training session anyway.

Ok, I wrote way longer than originally intended. Byes ^.^