People I'll roleplay with till I die.

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Quality people who intimidate me.

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Blogs for photoshop, coding, and much much more.

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I’m actually really nervous about doin’ this but I also just reached 1K and really wanted to do something special. I might not talk to some of these people every day or sometimes for weeks at a time, but that doesn’t mean they are any less important. This isn’t a list of the best writers, or the most talented coders but a list of amazing people who’ve made my roleplay experience so much better with their presence. Just because you aren’t here, don’t think I think of our friendship any less or that it’s not special. Some of you I’ve only talked to on AIM and truthfully, I don’t remember the url attached to your aim or I’ve simply forgotten as I’ve talked to a lot of people. And I want to keep talking to more, so I can expand. To the people here, please keep doin’ you. 
Thank you for a great experience, and I hope I can keep experiencing more with all of you.

anonymous said:

what tips would you give for someone wanting to make icons? and how did you learn to make icons is their a blog on here you learnt from

i’ll try and explain as simply as i can because i sort of had to learn through experimenting and messing about so yeah i’ve had photoshop ever since i’ve had a laptop which must be around 5/6 years and i used it for simply editing my photos which led to editing screencaps which eventually led to making icons, i use one psd and one action for all my editing but both are from a blog which has now been deleted however and have really good colourings to choose from and if you simply search psds or colourings or anything like that on tumblr i’m sure you’ll find something you like but yeah when it comes to using them, you just open the psd up in photoshop aswell as the image you want to use it on and drag the colourings layer into the next tab and onto the image, i then usually adjust the layer’s opacity to how i like it and play with the brightness and contrast and add the action, with actions you basically just download the action you want and then open your actions window in photoshop by clicking window and then ticking actions and then you simply just click the little play button on the layer and it’ll do the rest for you, i’m explaining this all in the wrong order because i crop the image first into icon size which for me is 240 pixels by 240 pixels and then add the action then drag the psd on and play with brightness/contrast until i like it and then i save it as .png because they’re best quality and yeah that’s how i make my icons

any tips/advice i have is really practice and experiment first like get the hang of it because it may seem really confusing and hard to begin with but you get used to it and it literally takes me seconds to make an icon now and also use large images for the best quality icons, i really recommend using if you want to use screencaps to make your icons but otherwise just adjust the search tools on google images to find large images and yeah that’s pretty much it, sorry this was so long but i hope i covered everything and it makes a bit more sense to you now, if you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask :)