He’s the King of England. She’s an Austrian princess. She was forced to leave her country to marry a man who is as ruthless with a sword as he is with his women. Can the future Queen of England win over her people and tame the King of England? AU- Possesive/dominate themes.

Preview of Chapter 10:


Laying here in silence. Your soft smooth breathing brings an ease to my rigid sole. Even though not here i feel as if your present in my bed just laying beside me. All in my mind of nothing but you. Wanting to feel your hand intertwined with mine like a vine in a vineyard. The thought of your lips pressed up against mine. In these moment nothing else matters but you and I. Nothing can interfere with our lust liking of each other. But lost in the back of my head. I want to fall in love with you. Your so much worth it. Your that one I’d give everything to. Iv been hurt but want you to be the one that will mend me back together. Your innocence like a virgine marry so calm and stay bringing me a new goal and challenge. Never really had to fight or try but your the one I will try for. The moment we danced I knew I wanted you. Even a little intoxicated I knew you were it. From the moment be touched hands I felt a slit connection. We danced and everything became reality. People meet for a reason. Why us? Why now? Simple questions only we can answer. I’d give anything just to make you happy. To see you smile every day. Days have flown and its only a week, seems like a month. More to learn more to see of what you and I will become. Hope to see one happy couple in present and in future. Yet your not the type iv always seen. But in love with it I am. With self respect I adore you. Yet wanting sex it’ll have to wait because your all worth waiting for. While every second of every minute your on my mind. Not a single moment your not. Its only been two weeks yet a life time. There isn’t a single person nor a single girl that can change the way I look at you. Your not perfect but that’s what makes you all much better. The thought of you keeps me up at night with a smile on my face. When I look up and see the stars I think of how beautiful you are and how it is we came to meet. I see this way you act with me and only me and it brings a happy tear to my face. Lost you have found me. Thank you. As long as its me and you the world will crumble in our path. Side by side, hand in hand, me and you that’s all we’ll ever need.

Godly Seamstress the Healing of a Soul By Abraham Texidor Jr.

Driven by dreams
Fueled by aspirations
Embodied by promises

A life full of love adventure, and a wound no one knew existed

Shattered dreams
Shredded aspirations
Broken promises

Spiraling down this dark and shrouded path staring death in the face asking him to take his best shot secretly hoping he doesn’t miss.

Torn battered and beaten betrayed by the ones I love the most

Secrets and lies fill my ear and surround my life

Darkness has his hold and refuses to let go, squeezing tighter and tighter.

Light begins to fade but a voice begins to rise

Open, Open your eyes

Weak from the fight slipping into eternal rest

…please don’t stop fighting…. The voice whispers

A tear rolls down my face as I take up my sword one last time and slash through the darkness

To find her standing there stitching it all back together

Needle and thread in hand lovely brown hair and eyes that could stop time itself

Completely embracing all my rips tears and torn lines.

Driving each stitch with the love of God she saved me

Out of the darkness I climbed

To find my Godly Seamstress