No Child Should Ever Be Abused

I wish it was a 150 million of me so that all 150 million of me’s could take in all the little childrens and animals that were abused and neglected by their parent/owner I’d raised and take care of them better then they’re actual “so called” parents/owners I’d love them. Its always unfortunate to know that somewhere out there, some little kid has a suck ass mother or father such as the one listed in this picture. NO child should ever be abused, No child should ever be molested, No child should ever be forgotten, No child should ever be abandoned, No child should ever be unloved by their mother or father. No child should ever regret living. 

To all abusive parents FUCK YOU

Sincerely B.D

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"So many are scared children, who sure as hell did not choose this for themselves, living in fear of their family finding out because they know full well what their mom and dad will say. And they tell me they wish I was their mom."

Heartbreaking. And a reminder that hate doesn’t help children grow and become strong adults. Healthy sex starts at the beginning, when children are too young to associate their feelings with actual sex. Encourage them to love, no matter the object. Just teach them love.