Yesterday I wore my favorite polka dot dress, red lipstick and Pearl earrings. I got a dozen of compliments from old ladies to little boys. I was on cloud nine to say the least lol. One of my coworkers who happens to be a big guy made a comment that he would never wear polka dots because they make him look bigger. I looked at him and said well being big makes you look big not what you wear. I shouldn’t have to be scared to wear a certain design because society thinks I’m too big for it. Last week this lady asked my age, I told her and then she said I lost weight by eating littler portions. I just looked at her and said well good thing I love my body or else that comment might have hurt and walked away. I’m a size 16 and there is nothing I would do to change that. I’m sorry if you’re insecure about your body but don’t make me fee like I should be too. I’m done bowing down to what society says I can do or wear. Fuck that mess!!! #effyourbeautystandards #honoryourcurves #lovewhatsyours #selflove #polkadots