Boris Lovet-Lorski

 ”Unknown God Head” 1927 yellow veined marble - Writer and sculptor born in Lithuania, Boris Lovett-Lorski emigrated to the United States in 1925 are quickly becoming one of the representatives of Art Deco. Performed in a veined yellow marble, unknown God is one of his most famous works. Lines and the harmony of its stylized forms, exotic influences, perfect smoothness and absence of anecdotal detail give this sensual work a timeless character and archétypal.

 At Centre Pompidou

If one day you or me decides to walk out of each other’s life, I won’t cry. I’ll be sad for a minute but I won’t cry. You know why? Because you’ve been one amazing experience. One amazing chapter of my life and suddenly thanks to you, I am a better person than what I was last year. I love you and forever you’ll hold a place in my heart.
—  AM
(Loraine’s Diary)