I got tagged, so here we go.

First time i try this, so if i do it wrong don’t kill me! 

And thanks for tagging me http://kittiecusshetoldmeto.tumblr.com/ :)

Da rules:

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Questions tagged by http://flawlessunderground.tumblr.com/

Okay let’s do this;)

1. Cat’s or dogs? I’m a cat person.

2. Favourite band atm? Dúné for sure ;)

3. A song you always skip when listening to music? Hmm Vampire Weekend - Diane young, i just always get a headache when i listen to it lol. 

4. Describe Blood on the Dancefloor only one word. ABandIveNeverHeardBefore.

5. Summer or winter? Why? Both, because i love the sun, hot weather, the beach, and ice cream, but i love snow, hot chocolate and being indside and listen to music too when its winter.

6. A musician i hate (Besides Blood on the Dancefloor)? I HATE a danish singer called Medina….sorry not sorry.

7. Do you wear nailpolish? If yes; what colour do you like the most? I dont really wear nailpolish that much, but when i do its mostly black.

8. Are you afraid of horses? If yes; Why? Yes im afraid of horses, because i once got bitten by one.

9. Favourite kind of weather? Hmmmm that depends on my mood.

10. Favourite book? I’m in love with The Mortal Instruments right now.

11. Do you mix your underwear? Hahah yes i do, if i dont have anything that match.


My questions:

1. Your all time favourite song?

2. Style icon?

3. 3 thing you cant live without?

4. Celeb crush(s)?

5. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

6. Have you ever been to any concerts? if yes; Who did you see?

7. What movie have you seen more than once?

8. Where are you from?

9. Any bad habits?

10. What colour shirt do you have on right now?

11. Where is your favourite place to be?

Self-style's BOTW | Followers ignore please c:

Hi Muriel! I really want to be your blog of the week because I’ve recently just started school again + it’s been hard to keep up with all my schoolwork and manage tumblr at the same time. For this reason, I’ve lost quite a lot of followers already and I’m hoping to gain them back + also reach my goal. I hope my chances are not lowered since I don’t have the same blog style/type as you do.