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Thank you! I can't get off the anon bc she can't see this and sometimes she get in my account... She already goes to a lot of doctors, If I try to put her in another one I think she'd go crazy, I'll never leave her alone, but maybe that's not enough, what would you do?


I’d call her every night and beg her to tell me everything on her mind until she fell asleep. That would keep her busy so she wouldn’t harm herself or attempt.

I’d hang out with her after school, and take her out for ice cream and coffee and make her feel better and tickle her and make her smile.

I’d try to set her up on a date with her crush, because who wouldn’t love that!

I’d bring her lunch and make sure she ate every day so she wouldn’t fall into anorexia or any other eating disorder.

I’d be by her side every step of the way until she was ready to stand on her own two feet once again.

I understand if that isn’t possible, but that’s what I would do.

- Lacie Alexandra

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hi, I think it's really beautiful what you guys are doing, maybe someday if I get the courage I'll send you some picture haha but I need help, my best friend is depressed and possibly bulimic, she don't like when I try to help her, she missed 2 weeks of school, I'm afraid she might do something like suicide, I really don't know what to do, I've tried to make a sleep over party but she didn't like the idea, I need her, and I need help to help her, and she's beautiful, how can I show her that?

Aw, please do!

We’d love your support c:

It may seem that she doesn’t like it when you try to help, but you cannot give up. Stay with her, make sure she’s okay at all times, if you’re afraid that she’s going to attempt it would be a smart idea to admit her to somewhere they would take care of her, and not try to handle it yourself.

I know that’s hard to think about, but some things you just can’t help when you’re alone.

Come off anon and we’ll talk more if you want, ok?

- Lacie Alexandra

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What is the main purpose of this blog?

To support self love c:

There’s too much hate in this world, and so we came up with this idea to help counteract it c:

We’re here to help you through any insecurities and problems you may have, no one deserves to hate themselves so we want to spread the love

- Lacie Alexandra