hi guys!

so my blog is about two and a half years old, and i thought i’d make another follow forever in the spirit of the holidays to let you all know how much i really appreciate you!! some of you have been with me for a long time, and some of you are new, but i just want to say thank you to everyone for a wonderful 2014! i’ve really had a great year, and i’d like to thank you all for making my dash a fun place. you’re all such inspiring and kind people, i’ve enjoyed following every single one of you, and to keep myself from writing an essay, i’m going to stop this now. just know that i love you, and i’m glad to have met and had the chance to get to know you all ♡ also, i decided to split this up into categories this time, and of course, a lot of you belong in more than one group, but i put you into the one that best fit! as always, i’m extremely sorry if i left anyone out. feel free to message me and yell, lmao. merry christmas and happy new year to everyone! let’s get started:

favorite one direction blogs: astromalik || endtochange || leeyums || mr-styles || ofzayn || zourrialls || you’re my favorite one direction blogs in general. thank you for filling my dash with all five of their cute faces. i appreciate your consistency!

favorite niall blogs: capniall || inyourfingertips || jamesniall || kissmycraic || little-cather || niallagher || niallisonfiya || nialljustgotwet || sweaterhoran ||  you’ll never know how much i love your love and dedication for all things niall. love you all.

favorite harry blogs: babyxnanas || crazymofas || donechapel || frickinharrys || halfsleeper || haroldmadness || harrydylan || harryniips || harryspocket || harrysstyles || kittenstyles || ohstylesno || stylesly || styzles || i must admit that you all make up the majority of my dash, but i absolutely love it. thank you for the constant harry posts!!

favorite narry blogs: anarry || backpacknarry || colormenarry || fyonedirection || lilcraiic || narriall || niallharold || nxarry || storan || worknarry || you guys literally make my blog! thank you all so much for being my number one sources of narry ♡

the funniest blogs: frecklefacenerd || haveaniall || hottermelon || mediocrechick || zharriall || thank you guys for making me laugh! whether it’s on purpose or accidentally, i need a little bit of humor, and you guys are perfect for it.

the sweetest blogs: craicdeal || gagmeniall || leit-motifs || longhairhs || nollymurs || parrotiny || thekingofholmeschapel || zzouiam || you guys are honestly amazing. you’re incredibly kind and sweet, and i aspire to be like all of you. thanks for everything ♡

the talented: broken-drums || coldbam || germania || megalong || rubdown || sgtjamesrogers || shesusandmarychain || wearecities || zmalikd || you’re all honestly some of the most talented people i’ve had the pleasure of following, when it comes to writing especially. thank you all for being so wonderful at what you do. 

last but not least, the squad: breauxjobs || floralprintharry || niallar** || niallatorrr || niallslaugh || styaller || stylanstan || thejandshirt || thank you guys so so much for letting me be apart of this group!! it really has been a blast, and i enjoy every conversation. i love you all so much, and i really appreciate everything you’ve done 

(hint: if you’re bolded, i have a little message for you.) thank you guys again for being a part of my blog this year, rip horanaroh. love you all, and i hope you have the happiest of holidays!! ♡♡