misskittyxo-deactivated20120623 said:

Hey, I'm not sure what's been going on but looking at your blog you've been getting some shit today.

Just letting you know that you're beautiful, and you don't deserve any shit you might be getting. And I love your blog! I love when some of my photos get reblogged by you haha.

Hope you're okay :)

I’ll just answer this now so you don’t think I’m still ignoring you.. Thank you very, very much. I’m glad that you feel that way. That is truly sweet of you. It’s nice to have followers like you. And you’re right.. I don’t deserve it.. But neither does anyone on here, really. Unless they take part in sending anon hate, then yeah.. They deserve that.. People who are nice to everyone don’t deserve to be treated the way that I’ve been treated today.