Lovers or Friends

Moving plans are coming along, and what perfect timing.

I guess it’s impossible to be best friends with the person you love in this world.  My boy told me that he loves me, but doesn’t see me as his best friend…I guess I can see that.

It’s hard for us to hang out as friends, let alone as lovers…that just hurts.

That’s alright.  I know who my best friends are.  One of them shouldn’t still be my friend, but we keep coming back together.

He said something about soulmates the other night…now, soulmates is one of those terms I hate.  But if I were forced to define it, I would define it as souls that are bound to come together reincarnation after reincarnation.

My soul and the soul of one of my best friends has done that.  We keep getting separate and coming back together when we thought all hope was lost.

We shouldn’t, though.  We each have our respective people…of course, now mine has said I’m not his best friend.

That bothers me.  Again, I see how we aren’t, and I know he loves me, but ouch, you know?

My father has often said, “If you’re not marrying your best friend, you’re marrying the wrong person.”

I guess we’re doomed to marry the wrong people.

And we’ll just have to live with it.