It's Tuesday again...

Which means Drawing.

I hate my drawing class. Have I stated this enough? It really sucks! 

I still haven’t finished my last two projects because of the wedding this weekend and now we’re working on our final project.

So today, I realized I’m going to bullshit the 3 HOUR LONG class period by taking in my small dainty sketchpad and just sketching out some layouts in how I want it all to look…maybe take some notes…you know, act like I’m doing something important with my project. In reality. I already know what I’m going to do.

Maybe the second half of class, I’m going to do some rubbing textures around the school to see what I can find and spray fix them. That’ll take up a lot of time. I just don’t want to do the project in class. I want to do it at home. 

Screw you Lovero. You can kiss my ass!!!

I’ll turn in my other projects next week. I’m too tired to do anything right now. Ugh school is running my life!!!!

Btw, did I mention that right after I FINALLY get off of Spring term….my fucking summer term starts right after? I don’t get a fucking break….


Good thing I actually like my teacher during the summer. Go Mrs. Neeld!