lover her to pieces


dumb ken walking away with his chair causing hyeri to burst out in laughter


Bonnie Milligan & Laura Osnes - “Disney Princess Medley”

Bonnie Milligan is brilliant and a hoot. Love her so much.

My best friend just called me while she’s a wee bit tipsy and crying bc I live on the other side of Australia (Perth an she lives in Melbourne) and I don’t go to the same school as her or live in the same area.
Then she continued to tell me about our delta and I are her favourite people And told me how happy she is bc were talking
It was just the cutest thing ever and made me so happy for 12am😄 strength—happiness

Post-love fear

It truly is a shame
To watch the way she winces
In the presence of opportunity
When you see the way
Her last lover left her in pieces
Lying on the floor
Too afraid to love again

A fish out of water
She’s gasping for air
But if you try bring her water
She knows only how to drown.