"Books are like lovers. Sometimes you will find some superfluous as a scratch and other as deep as wells. Some have beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside, however those who aren’t as pretty on the outside are beautiful inside. You’ll find complicated, simple, stressful, soothing, frightening … etc. 

But you should never stop looking, because someday find the one, one that will change your life.”



All at once she saw the truth

Something loving eyes could never do

He never intended to keep her near

A thought that she just could not bear

She drank and drank away her pain

In her life was only rain

All she loved she loved in vain

Enough to drive the girl insane

Blocking out the thoughts of him

So the demons would not win

Night after night the pain grew worse

This love had to be a curse

In the light of her darkest day

She thought she heard her lover say

Its over now we are done

You’re all alone now you have no one