Baby Girl: Ow I look good in these shoes :D

It really bothers me when people like this have no idea what it’s like to feel that way. It’s people like him that forces others to believe that nobody gives a shit. Hence why they don’t open up and tell anybody. I fucking care if you are depressed and I will be more than happy to help. It honestly shocks me that just by a few words it can cause so much damage to a person physically and mentally. Seeing this on my newsfeed just shows the true side in some people. If a person says that they are depressed that is not an indication to just assume that they are asking for attention or just saying it. You don’t know how somebody else is feeling so why come up with your own assumptions? People like him is what I consider part of “the fucked up society” that we live in. If people weren’t so closed minded and actually thought that maybe this person really is depressed, self harm, suicide and other factors wouldn’t be such a regular thing. I just want everyone on tumblr to know that people do care.So don’t let people like him get you down and restrict yourself from getting help or just talking to someone. This is just a clear example of someone who is ignorant and has no heart and only cares about themselves. And the fact that he wrote “we” just makes him sound as if plenty other people don’t care.  But trust me, they do.And I for one definitly do. So the moral of this photo is that even though there are some heartless people out there that don’t care, there are soo many more people in this world who do and they completly out number those who don’t. If anybody ever needs to talk or needs help, don’t ever hesitate to message me, I will always reply and try to help you as best as I can. I promise you. Help is out there and recovery is possible. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. I love you all so much, stay strong and don’t give up <3

Okay so I just hit 100+ followers so I decided to do a follow forever since, I’ve been kinda distant from tumblr due to school. But I’ll be back this whole week.It’s all gonna be jumbled up.

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Thank you guys so much for following me, and I hope we continue to gain more people to our wonderful family! I love you guys and get ready for this week. 

Thank You! Whoever you are lol

um, i couldn’t go anon so i’m going to be weird and submit this to you.  i’m far too shy and have too much anxiety to actually talk to you, but i wanted to let you know that you are flawless and that i really admire you!  you’re so cool!

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anonymous said:

I adore your account so much, makes my day going onto it and seeing all the beautiful disney things on your account, hope you feel better soon lovely, it's okay to be sad sometimes but your a lovely person and good things will happen to you I promise! :) xx

You are so sweet and super kind omg, I actually can’t believe how sweet you are!
Thankyou so incredibly much you have made me feel 10x better!
xxxxxxx #lovemyfollowers