“Every antagonist in a video game, tv show, or book is a precious baby and is completely excused for whatever they’ve done” factoid actualy just a statistical error. Jack Merridew, who sits in a cave and stabs at 100,000 pigs each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

Future Hearts Tour experience

I got there, and even before they even started letting people in the building people were recognizing me for wearing the wedding dress and that made me so happy. Madison said that the people in line behind were like “I wonder if the wedding dress girl is here” I got to be almost at the front of the line so that was pretty great. State Champs came on and they’re honestly so great. Like they have such awesome stage presence and I love all their songs and they literally just make me so happy.
Tonight Alive came on after, and they didn’t really play any of my favorite songs. But I love them so much idc. Jenna did vocal exercises with the crowd and I thought that was really cute. Its crazy how different her image is now from when they first started out.
Issues set was AMAZING. I thought it was so awesome that their whole theme was pokemon. They even started their set with the pokemon theme song! It was the best performance I’ve ever seen by them. At one point they tried to start a wall of death but I don’t think anyone knew what to do. But they really got the crowd hyped up and it was so great. Someone crowd surfed a cake all the way up the band.
Between Issues and All Time Lows set people kept coming up to get their picture with me and told me that what I do is so awesome and that they love me. One girl even told me that I was a legend. and another girl told me that I’m “honestly so famous” It was the best thing ever. All Time Low fans are seriously the nicest fans of like any band ever.
FINALLY ALL TIME LOW CAME OUT!!!! They opened with ‘Satellite’ and i just KNEW they were gonna open with it. I was crying almost immediately. I crowd surfed during 'Lost In Stereo’ because thats my song <333. Alex and Jack both noticed me and smiled, Alex threw his guitar pic at me but I didn’t catch it. Once I got to the front Jack handed me his and I was ecstatic. It literally says “All Time bLow” and has Jack Skellington on it. I was so happy I cried lol. Alex did an acoustic set and played 'Therapy’ and 'Missing You’ they were both SOOOO perfect. I was so happy he played 'Missing You’ that was one of the new songs I REALLY wanted them to play. They played and few more songs and I found these guys and asked them to pick me up between songs so I could get their attention. Someone had thrown a green blow up alien on stage and someone threw underwear and jack pointed at me and was like “Why does this alien have that girls underwear on his head?” and I was like ITS NOT ME ITS NOT MY FAULT and alex was like “I am so impressed with you, you wear that dress to every show and I love you for that.” and I was like “I love you too!!” and then he asked if I was cheating on him with the green alien with no dick and I was like omg no!!! and he was like “you aren’t marrying anyone else are you? I thought we had something special” and I was like YOU’RE MY ONE AND ONLY!!! and the thing is, my voice is so loud that he could just hear me from the audience lolol how great is that. And then he said a green alien with no dick is still probably better in bed than he is lololololol.
They played 'Time Bomb’ and brought people on stage to sing and every time they do that I am so happy for those people because being on stage with All Time Low is the best feeling in the whole world and I’m so thankful I got to be on stage with them last year. They pulled this kid up on stage and his name was Alex. And Alex Gaskarth was like no way thats my name too. You could tell Alex was their to see Issues though because he said he didn’t know the words to 'Time Bomb’ and Alex was just like “watch how my lips move and do the same thing” Jack and Alex kept calling him their son and Jack put a bra on him lol. Jack let a fan play guitar during the song too.
Towards the end they played 'Kids In The Dark’ and in the part where he’s like “what a SHAME” confetti shot out of the stage and the timing was perfect and omg I love them so much. They finished with 'Jasey Rae’ and 'Dear Maria’ and honestly it was such a perfect night and I love All Time Low and their fans and I really just love everything about them. As my mom said in the car “The day All Time Low comes to town is the most important day of the year.”
I would like to formally thank the guys who picked me up to help me get Alex’s attention. You Da Real MVP