[TRIGGER WARNING: mentions weight loss, depression, bullying, self-harm]

nobody would really think twice about this picture but it means more to me than anything. I have always been bullied about my weight, even back in the second grade when I started rapidly gaining weight. I’ve spent the last 3 years losing upwards of 60 pounds and it’s been hard. I’ve battled depression, bipolar disorder, and continue to fight those battles every day. I allowed myself to slip into a habit of cutting, and my thighs and wrists were always the worst. This was the first day I had worn shorts in 3 years and I was obviously thrilled about it… I had scars all down my inner thighs, but the sweltering southern heat outside was not something I wanted to combat at the time. That day taught me that my body is beautiful, scars and sweat and lumps and curves and all. I still try to lose weight and make myself a healthier person, but ever since I took the leap of faith to put my body out there, I’ve never wanted to hide it. I spent 18 years hiding this beautiful body, I’m ready to love it and maybe someone else will learn to love it like I have. I encourage you all to get uncomfortable with your bodies, because you might just grow into a stronger person by pushing your limits a bit! I love you all :)


Looking through recent pictures of Karlie backstage at a fashion show or leaving when it’s finished and I see she’s always on her phone makes me think about how often she is (most probably) talking to Taylor. Unstoppable, Inseparable, & Adorable for real!!