To end today’s program, we will listen to a song that Suho and Chen like. Which song is that?

hello cuties ♡ uhm.. so this is a post that is a little hard for me to make for many reasons ;; as some of you might know i went on hiatus a few days ago. and i’m coming back starting today, but with a few changes.

i’ve been a very social blogger for the past year, doing blog rates, ask games, making lots of friends and met so many wonderful people on this site, but it’s time for me to leave all of that behind now. i’ve had too many bad experiences with the social aspect of tumblr, and it’s keeping me from doing what i originally created this blog for, which was to follow my idols and relieving stress. at this point, coming on tumblr has become my source of stress and i don’t want it like that ;; i want tumblr to become a place i feel comfortable and that’s not the case anymore.

so to all of the friends i’ve made on this site, it’s been a pleasure meeting all of you, getting the chance to talk to you and share all those precious moments with you, i truly treasure them so so much ♡ you’re all so incredibly wonderful and beautiful and i’m truly lucky to have met you ;;

if you’re waiting for a reply of any kind from me, i’m really sorry but there won’t be any. and you won’t get any from now on either ;; i might answer some anons if it’s blog related but that’s it ;;

i just hope you can respect my decision and maybe understand, but i’m not gonna expect that of you~ also feel free to unfollow me, doesn’t matter if we’re mutuals or friends or if you’re just a follower of mine! you followed me for a reason, and if the social part of my blog was one of those reasons then please go ahead ;; ♡ i’ll keep making graphics and edits for as long as i still find that enjoyable and if you’re still reading this then i just want to wish you all good luck with everything, take good care of yourself and ily ;; 

I don’t think you
know what the bath means yet and I
need you to be with me in that water, a
bubble on your nose, if you wish.


Time is a thing
I will bend around us like
a moat of butterflies
If you like, if you’ve sapphire
in your lungs

I will live alpine
again upon stray lines

Some know the roar

I hear it in
my sleep.

Un. II

Whoooooo’s ready for another installment of the BH6 Deaf AU I’m writing with balthazwhore! It’s my turn to post, and upon looking at all of the headcanons and plans that we have for this AU, I decided to give you all a primer on how the social media stuff works for squad.

  • Fred runs the official BH7 tumblr. He has tags for each member of the team: Little Dude, Marshmallow, Neat Freak, High Heels, Speed, Fredzilla, and Shadow. When asked why Tadashi is Shadow, Fred responds that it’s because "He’s as silent as one, as mysterious as one, AND FUCKING TERRIFYING WHEN HE TRIES TO STRANGLE YOU”.
  • Tadashi leaves a comment on that post saying "I TOLD YOU I HAD NO IDEA I WAS SLEEPING ON YOUR FACE". The fans go nuts and post hella fanfiction about what must have happened that night.
  • (Really it’s just that Fred never got over that time that they were all sleeping over at his place and Tadashi accidentally rolled on top of Fred in his sleep. Fred was pinned and Tadashi can’t hear him calling for help. The rest of Squad ended up helping him out.)
  • Fred totally changed Gogo’s and Tadashi’s Wikipedia pages the second they went official so that they said “Gogo is in a relationship with fellow team member Tadashi. IT’S CANON, PEOPLE!!!” (and vice versa for Tadashi’s page).
  • Honey Lemon, although she has a tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, etc… Does not have a facebook account, for reasons that will later be revealed. Wasabi is the only one who knows why.
  • All of Honey’s accounts are super popular. She makes Youtube videos about all kinds of things and has a few recurring guest stars/topics.
  • She also makes everyone else get Instagram accounts so she can tag them in everything she posts. Tadashi has used his twice: once for a picture of the San Fransokyo skyline that he took when he was drunk and once for a picture of his dinner the night he and Gogo went on their first sushi date (“Isn’t that what people are supposed to do on Instagram???”)
  • Honey likes to post adorable pictures of all of her friends. As BH7 becomes more famous, the ones with Tadashi get really popular, along with the saying “Is Tadashi Hamada even real?” (“iTHer”). It reaches meme levels after a certain event that you all get to hear about another time!
  • Fred reblogs a ton of these.
  • Tadashi is very confused and upset about this. He does not understand meme culture in the slightest. Each of squad tries to explain it to him, but the only one he gets close to understanding is when Honey asks if he remembers Doge (explaining what that means) and how it was everywhere for awhile. “You’re kind of like that dog.”
  • Tadashi is still really confused and pulls a Snoop Dog where he just uploads a bunch of selfies asking if this is a meme and tagging Honey Lemon in them.
  • Tadashi googling “memes” and posting side-by-side shots of them next to his face, saying “I don’t get it. How is this supposed to be me?”
  • The one meme that he truly understands is Dad jokes. He loves Dad jokes and uses them constantly, but more because he finds them amusing than anything else.
  • One of the really big iTHer images is one of him cuddling Gogo in a way that squad has taken to calling “Kinder egging” (after Kinder Surprise Eggs). Basically, he lays down on his side and she curls herself up into as tiny of a ball as possible. He then curls up around her, surrounding her with his own body (because she is always cold). They tend to do this especially when she is sick, drunk, or really stressed out. #kinderegging becomes a meme in and of itself, but nowhere near as popular as iTHer.
  • Honey eventually uploads a video onto her social media accounts where she’s asking Tadashi what he thinks of the meme and if there’s anything he wants to tell the internet. He gets frustrated and starts ranting about how he just doesn’t get it. He is signing way too fast for Honey to follow, so she has Hiro do the captions on this one.
  • Eventually, squad gets the idea to make a t shirt that says “Is Tadashi Hamada even real?” on it and give it to him for Christmas. He opens it all excited and just doesn’t know how to react when he opens it. Hiro is has tears streaming down his face from laughing so hard. The video that Honey takes gets immensely popular, to the point where they decide to start selling the shirts for real.
  • Someone asks Tadashi at a con (more on that later…) if he is even real and he just puts his head down on the table and refuses to look up for a few minutes.
  • Squad does an event at a comic book shop (again, more to come!), and the people who are there upload a ton of selfies with him with captions such as “He IS real!!!” and “Tadashi Hamada totally breathed on me. One more point in the ‘yes’ column #iTHer” and “Tadashi told me my hair was beautiful and got the rest of the team to come look at it. I am smiling so hard right now. Is Tadashi Hamada even real?”
  • One night, Tadashi gives in and decides it would be hilarious to make a post on twitter: “am i real? #whoknows #itsamystery” and the internet explodes.
  • This joke follows him for years, even after it stopped being popular.
  • Tadashi grows to eventually be mildly amused by it.

 That ran really long, so that’s all for now! Peace out! Love you all! <3

"Sigrun should have been in Inquisition!"

"…instead of Blackwall!"


The Adventures of Mr Incredible

[So I don’t know for any Metro Man’s out there, but Bruce would have loved this show to bits as a kid. He’d most likely force people to re-watch it with him nowadays, too, sooo … Movie Night with Metro Man, Harrison, Zagam and Bruce? Or Zagam, Bruce and Alixon? I need to write this~ ]

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i honestly love when the sides of my hair are super short like. buzzcut short bc then they feel really really great to mess w + run my fingers through and its so great