Faking it promo


In Australia we do not celebrate this day like they do in the US
Although it is becoming more popular.
Because the activirties girls do everything they can think of to keep the residents alert
They have all come dressed appropritaly this morning.
Rita who loves to dress up any day is a real witch, I have named her Gertie
Louise who is a lovely tall girl is also a witch but far more elegant.
Larraine looks as though a train hit her
Several girls have bats on their heads
It really is a great success.
We all must be so gratefull to these wondeful girls

I have sent a message to our manager to say how we appreciate the effort.

Reasons why Rita Volk is a superior human being

  • She speaks Russian 
  • At 14, she won the title of San Francisco’s High School Poet Laureate
  • She went to Duke 
  • She majored in Psychology/Pre-Med 
  • She had a full scholarship. Duke gives about 20 of those. let that sink in. 
  • She is beautiful, gorgeous, hot
  • She is an amazing actress 

So in the wise words of Katie Stevens (x)


"West Side Story (1961) is set in New York City and depicts characters struggling to achieve the American Dream - a myth expressed so well in Hollywood’s characteristically exuberant film musicals. The film undermines the conventional romance plot of the classic musical to emphasize the real social problems it depicts. It shattered the utopian version of so many of the musicals that preceded it. Indeed, so startling did the opening of West Side Story seem at the time of its release that one reporter rhapsodized, ‘the neorealist musical is about to be born’.”