Christopher Lovell is an award winning Welsh based artist, completely self-taught and is able to effortlessly adapt to any medium presented to him. He specialising primarily in illustration for clothing companies and merchandise within the music industry. His macabre creations are wonderfully detailed and imaginative, with each illustration beautifully composed, drawn and executed. 

I think people like dark beautiful imagery. Something with a mysterious undertone that is open for interpretation etc. When I occasionally glance at Tumblr I see so many dark images from photos to paintings. Its just something that appeals to me.

I like to think of my work as “Dark Nature”.
I want to capture the dark sinister atmosphere of a forest at dusk, the mystery of wild shy animals and fuse them with beautiful women and haunting imagery. I can’t wait to get immersed in some of the ideas I have. I want to take it all to big canvasses, splash the paint and get back to doing the art I enjoy most.

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