I think I would much rather spend my life being the person that I am than to waste my life pretending to be something or someone that I wasn’t. Sometimes loving who you are can seem impossible but a wise person once said be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

I couldn’t really do much today because I’m sick BUT I did go threw my phone contacts and I sent almost everyone a message saying I was thankful they are in my life and that I love them. I figure I better say it now before I never get the chance again to. Oh and to my followers, I love you even if I don’t talk to many of you.. Forgive me? Also go read this. Go go go go :D

We're all human.

We all want and crave the same three things as the person next to us. 

  1. Happiness
  2. Acceptance
  3. Love

How would you show someone one, if not all three of these things? Let’s brainstorm and challenge ourselves to exert this through ourselves to others. 

Love is Simply Love Challenge Take: One

For me, to accomplish something is far more effective if I challenge myself one step at a time. So I’m trying the same approach here taking into consideration I’m not the only one, plus who doesn’t love a daily mission?? Today if you ever get a chance to sit down somewhere, doesn’t matter where, say something wonderful to the person on your left. Doesn’t matter who it is if its a stranger, someone you can’t stand, if it’s your best friend! You’ll feel awesome when you say it I can guarantee you. I’m taking the challenge as well. If you have awesome stories from today’s challenge leave it in the ask! Inspiration can come alive!


Sir Arthur.