Do you help people? Do you smile to others? Do you offer a seat to an elder? Do you even try to fix even your bed at home to help with the home chores? Do you bother to put a penny on those “Donation Boxes” you see at stores? Do we offer a hand to those people who carry so much things on their hands?

Yes, these are simple scenes in our daily lives that we fail to notice. We fail because of the mindset that the society pours upon our minds, that someone else will do that, that we depend on “someone” to do things for us.

Or better yet let me ask you, “Do you have the "willingness and sincerity" in your heart to give out something from the extra things that you have to make others feel better or help them?

Isn’t it a shame for us that we walk on the streets and we see these people, asking for a piece of bread or a penny and we know in ourselves that the bag of bread that we are holding bears more than what we need or that in our pockets are pennies that are abundant and yet we neglect and couldn’t even hand over a tiny piece of bread to an aching hungry stomach?

We do this yet, we are reminded of how the people in Islam lived before us, one of the greatest sahabi, namely ‘Umar Ibn Abdul’Aziz Radiyallahu Anhu, that ever walked upon this earth once said to his people;

"Place wheat on the tops of mountains so it cannot be said that a bird went hungry in the land of the Muslims."

Subhan’Allaah. Look at how they lived, their character and their hearts, yet to us we cannot even give sincerely to someone of our own kind and yet we expect to give to animals? How? Why is our heart too hardened?

This particular ayah is to be questioned to the those who have committed wrong on the Day of Judgement. Is it not wrong that we are asked for help and we know we can help yet we do not help? Why such selfishness? Have we closed the doors of our hearts for kindness?

Muhammad sallallahu ‘alaihi wassalaam said;

[1] “Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith.”

[2] “What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of human beings, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the sufferings of the injured.” 

Now, i want you ask yourself these queries;

If we help someone, wouldn’t it gladden his heart?

If we give out a tiny piece from what we eat to someone who has a hungry stomach, wouldn’t that feed him?

• If we give out some pennies on those donation boxes, wouldn’t it help those who were afflicted by calamities or for what those donation boxes are created for?

If we give out a smile to someone who feels very bad, wouldn’t it lighten his bad feelings?

These are just simple questions which bear a lot of impact to our lives, have we thought about these small acts of deed? Have we thought to the tiniest bits that with our actions here in the dunya, we can create our home in the akhirah, and depending on which side our actions would attach will our homes be built too, it’s either the Jannah or Jahannam.

So think, do you want to be one of those to whom the Angels would ask this terrifying questions? 

Know that you are still standing, breathing and able to pray and mention His Glorious Name, so it’s never too late to repent nor is it too late to help others in need.

You have the sources, even by just raising your hands and making du’a for other would be a great act of good deed already, and at the end know that your Lord is ever Merciful and Forgiving.

[3] Muhammad sallallahu ‘alaihi wassalaam said;

"Allaah will not give mercy to anyone, except those who give mercy to other creatures.” 

So my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, think about your actions today, think how it would affect you, think for your akhirah, indeed this place is but a deceiving and temporary world for us. 

Help one, help one another, help with full sincerity.

Remember Allaah at all times, because when you remember Him, you remember His Words in the Qur’an, and when you remember His Words then you remember the character of His Messenger Sallallahu ‘alaihi wassalaam, and when you remember His Messenger Sallallahu ‘alaihi wassalaam, you are reminded of the values and teachings he has given and taught His Sahabah and when you remember the Sahabah, you will remember how to live like a true Mu’min. in sha Allaah.


and we pray that Allaah enlightens our hearts with His Wisdom to be able to understand His Words in the Qur’an and that we may live with proper obedience and knowledge to showcase His Deen in the best way we can, that He may shelter our character from the whispers and temptations of Shaitan.





[1] Muslim
[2] Bukhari
[3] Abu Dawud | Tirmidhi

All men and women are to strive, to struggle and to be tested. No one will go into this dunya like everything is to be fed for him or her. No one existed in this dunya that didn’t face a problem.

Look at Muhammad ﷺ . He was the the most beloved to Allāh and was and will always be the best of all His Creations yet Allāh made him to struggle, He made him face endeavors, his life was endangered, people plotted to kill him and until now after 1400 years, still there are people who make a mockery out of him yet he was the most loved to Allāh.

We tend to pamper our loved ones with so much love, that when pain comes to them, they are shattered because they didn’t have the chance to build a wall from pain because of too much pampering. Life isn’t always good, nor does it go on with a straight and smooth path. 

Along with our love, we should also teach them how to stand up for their rights, by educating and teaching them with what is in reality, that this life is but a deceiving and temporal, that we all need to struggle, because this dunya is our battlefield, it is where we are to be tested. 

Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) was one of the greatest Sahabah that ever walked into this dunya, he bear such love for Muhammad ﷺ and such obedience to Allāh. He was one of those elite believers that fought alongside Muhammad ﷺ, who protected Muhammad ﷺ with his life, he was such a great man who preserved such a purified imān in his heart. He was known as one of those 10 promised Sahabah to enter Jannah, but look at his words, look how he asks Allāh to not lighten their burden but instead to give them strong backs. He was among those people who lived and struggled like they were promised Jahannam! Subhan’Allaah!
These were the Sahabah, the chosen companions of Muhammad ﷺ, they didn’t mind the struggle, they didn’t ask for light hardship because they lived in compliance to the command of Allāh saying;

"And strive hard in Allāh’s cause, as you ought to strive." 22:78

They know they were to struggle, they faced every endeavor, they didn’t expect a good life full of gold and fruits and all those jazz in this dunya because they believed and they understood the words of Allāh saying;

"And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient” 2:155

So instead of asking for lighter burdens, they asked for stronger backs, like a stronger foundation so nothing could shake them, that like no army could ever destroy them because they know there wouldn’t be a worst burden than the wrath of Allāh. 

So they endured, they endured with great honor, they indeed strove in a manner of the Prophets with piety, sincerity, discipline, self-sacrifice and patience.

The du’ā of these people who came before us were full of wisdom, full of love and patience both for themselves and other people, actually some of them just really made out a du’ā for others, this is how they made honor the words of Allāh saying;

"Indeed, the Muslims are but a single brotherhood." 49:10

So let me ask you, when did you last made a du’ā for a brother? for a stranger? for the Ummah?


and I pray that Allāh enlightens us to become more sensitive to the feelings to others that we may think and care for our brothers and sisters in Islam, not because we want to get credit for it but because we sincerely love them for His Sake.