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omfg im pretty sure she is an alien as well

ilovestuffsm said:

Hey!!! Can u tell me ur theories on why you think Melissa is Black Widow??? Btw- I love ur blog and LOVEEE PLL❤️❤️

Thank you!!! I love PLL too!!! :) 

Most of my theory on Melissa being Black Widow can be found here [x] but really it’s just a compilation of connections and why I think she’s a possible suspect. I don’t necessarily have a reason why I desperately think it’s her, I just feel like it would make a lot of sense if it were here. She’s the most logical person. She’s been connected to everybody who’s died, and mostly in an intimate way. And she’s always known more than she’s let on. Just something really sketchy about that girl!


Ereri Daft Punk AU in which Eren and Levi are the true identities of the robots. My first collab with the lovely rinrinyuka !!! <3 (The first 2 drawings by @rinrinyuka and the last three by me ! ) Model!Eren is based on this btw.