He’s christmas morning and cotton candy and really great films.
He’s a long hug, and the best cup of tea I’ve ever had.
He’s the first dollar I ever got from the tooth fairy.
He’s my favorite album and that one sweater that fits just right.
He’s every eyelash I’ve ever blown into the wind, and every wish on a clock that read 11:11.
He’s the ocean, and the moon, and the horizon, and my sunrise every single morning.
He puts the air into my lungs, and the feeling into my fingertips.
I can’t explain how much I love him, but think of everything you’ve ever cherished and admired, then shape it into the form of one breathtaking person and you’ll understand why I’m hopelessly in love.

Fantasy/Winged/RPG Insi for Ryu

Got a little lost on what markings to give but I loveee how the edits turned out~

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Do you have any advise on a beginner who wants to tone up and work out? Like should they start with cardio or what? May you write a little beginner plan? :) loveee youuuu! Xxx

A combination of cardio and strength training is the most effective way to lose fat and gain muscle in a short amount of time.
You don’t need to be working our for hours every day, a short but effective 20 minute workout each day (or every second day) will bring results.

While cardio is burning fat, strength training is building/strengthening muscles. Therefore as fat is lost, muscle is being worked on.

Ensure your eating is healthy and nourishing to your body - what you eat plays a HUUGE role in your body and any physical results. Ensure you are eating more(!!) on days which you workout, your body needs fuel for movement!


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name some blogs that you like that you don't mention much that probably don't know you like them

you mean like don’t know that i like them? or like? i’m not sure what you mean. i mean i think they know that i like them, but maybe i don’t tell them enough? is that what you mean? i think? 

i am so dumb sometimes i’m sorry if that’s not what you mean because that’s what i’m going to do

maliasdeers i love her soo much she is probably one of my favourite blogs of all time. 

alphaism she is so sweet and nice i can’t even explain. 

bengally seriously one of my favourites, i actually think i mention her but in case i don’t i need her to know that i loveee her bolg. 

walshconnor is so freaking amazing, i seriously love them so so much. 

dynobrien is probably one of the sweetest people i have talked too and they run such a fantastic blog

gallx she is so so cute and so so funny and amazing i love her so much and she is just so wonderful

isuclahey i could cry over how amazing they are, like they are just so perfect and nice and wonderful they make me so happy

kayabutt PERRRRFECTION seriously. they are so nice and they just have such an amazing blog and personality 

okaynewt literally amazing, such a perfect blog and i just think they are so wonderful and ugh i love them 

pleasetcmmy seriously such a cutie and i love their blog and their posts and they are just so sweet omg 

newttie i love love love this blog, so amazing and they are so nice and wonderful 

pls-tommy SO PERFECT seriously one of my favourite blogs actually, i love them and i always see them and i think “I LOVE YOU” 

s-ciam i swear, when i found her i thought i was dreaming their blog is so perfect and she is just so fantastic and i love her more than i can even explain 

i hope this is what you meant, it’s so long sorry. there are like a million more and i’m sorry if you’re left out but i love everyone. so don’t worry or doubt that! 


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Did you finish your room? I think you changed it right? I would loveee to see it x

nope haha :D i’m getting a new bed again because my ikea bed i only got because it looked good is such bad quality so now i’m getting a new one. idk it’s so hard for me to find a good quality bed i really like.. but i found one i’m “happy” with. and yess i changed it, basically everything but i’m probably not going to make a room tour sorry :/x

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hey melissa!!! i love the aquadolls and i wanna start a band soon, do you have any advice for new bands? loveee from alice 💖🔮🐬

hi alice! play as many shows as you can starting out, even the sketchy ones, write as much as you can, and put your music online so the world can hear your music :~) i’d love to hear your band!


Ereri Daft Punk AU in which Eren and Levi are the true identities of the robots. My first collab with the lovely rinrinyuka !!! <3 (The first 2 drawings by @rinrinyuka and the last three by me ! ) Model!Eren is based on this btw.