Starting over

In March 2010 started a love story eight years in the making. Seph and I met in 2002 through my cousin Jeru, his best friend of 11 years. Through those years we were always just along the borders of each other’s lives, crossing paths every now and then in between relationships, keeping in touch and losing touch and finally finding each other many years and lessons later.
When we did, we were so sure we had both been prepared for this. That there must have been a reason we weren’t brought together eight years ago; that we were meant to first grow and learn from past mistakes. Things fell into place almost cosmically: the chemistry effortless, the connection unbreakable, everyone’s love and support overwhelming. This is what we’ve been waiting our whole lives for, we thought.
It’s been our joy sharing our story with you through this blog—our passions, hopes, milestones and memories. Love Chic has not only been a celebration of our love for fashion, but of love. Of two people whose bond is so strong that one can feel or think what the other feels or thinks without saying a word. Two people with so much in common it’s like they’ve known each other all their lives. Whose differences are so complementary that when their strengths and weaknesses combine, they’re unstoppable. Two people who have made cynics believe that true love is real after all.
But love as a feeling is never enough. Falling in love is the easiest thing, while staying in love requires commitment. It takes two; not one, not three, to make a relationship work. As it turns out, the worst fears and gut feelings I’ve been having for a while were real: Seph and I have stopped moving together in this direction. The things that were supposed to be just between the two of us—secrets, plans, dreams, problems, were no longer just between the two of us.
Due to circumstances beyond my control, our story has come to an end.
They say fight for what’s yours. Give it your all. But when it turns out it has no longer been yours for over a year now, you can fight and give with all you’ve got and it won’t make the slightest difference.
When that happens, all you can do is forgive, and move on. Be grateful for what happened, and have faith that things can only get better.
From here on, Seph is leaving Love Chic to me. There will be changes, but with the same name and aim of inspiring young people to be their best and confident selves. We hope you’ll continue to be supportive of us even as we go our own ways.
Made this on our anniversary to celebrate our story. It’s time to let it go. :)

To everyone who stood by us from the very beginning, when we were starting out with webcam photos on Facebook albums. To everyone who read our first blog posts and watched our first videos. To everyone who came by our talks, wrote to Dear Love Chic, dropped by our bazaar booths, watched our guestings, and read our features. To everyone who showed their faith in us, who looked up to us and made us feel like we were doing something right. To everyone who loved Love Chic, and sephshai.
Thank you.

Wear these to your school dance

I was asked by Beautybook to write about what to wear to Prom (or Grad Ball, or whatever you call your high school dance). Instead of just an article, I decided to take on the challenge myself: put together a head-to-toe look on a student-friendly budget.

I started around 10 o’clock in the morning and gave myself until the afternoon to cram everything, and this is what I came up with. And since I have no dance to go to, I’m giving away this dress as a personal gift to my high school readers. Read more for details.

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Bloggers United 3 - Meeting some of the Fashion Bloggers ♥

With Ms. Vern Enciso of A Shoetale. :)

Mr. David Guison

Ms. Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer

Dominique Tiu of Konichiwear

Ms. Tracy Ayson of Fashion Fangirl

Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa of The Walking Recessionista.

Ms. Shai Lagarde of Love Chic.

Ms. Crissey

Ms. Marj Sia of The Traveling Heels.

Ms. Kookie Buhain of Death by Platforms.

Ms. Steph of Fashion Bandwagon.

Ms. Joannaladrido of Only the Marvelous

Ms. Charlene Ajose of That Certain Charlene

Ms. Verniece Enciso

International Fashion Blogger, Ms. Anastasia Siantar of Brown Platform.

I was hoping to meet Laureen Uy & Camille Co but I didn’t saw them. I saw Patricia Prieto but there are lots of people around her. :( But I’m still happy to have pictures with these fashion bloggers, I adore them all. ♥

Sorry for the crappy photos.

Crazy Halloween Ideas for Couples & BFFs

Are you excited to dress up as your alter-ego this Halloween? Want to surprise your friends with one-of-a-kind costumes?

Here are some wigs & ideas that I shot with couple blogger/models LOVECHIC (Seph & Shai) for Catwalk Cosmetics.

"HIGH ROLLER ROCK STARS" ~Be an overnight sensation by arriving in this outfit and be prepared to rock and roll with your friends!!

Don’t forget to check my ‘Glam-rock’ step-by-step makeup tutorial so both your makeup & ensemble will blow your friends away!

If you’re too lazy to dress up and want something effortless, why not go out as an EMO/ Goth? These clip-on black bangs w/ white streaks should do the trick! (or treat) Now all you have to do is steal your mom/sister’s eyeliner if you’re a boy…… *hee*

"GROW OLD WITH YOU" ~Imagine partying as a grandma or grandpa— now that would be hilarious!! Don’t break your back while showing your moves on the dance floor though.

Makeup tip: Use a powder that’s one shade lighter. Apply a little bit of concealer on your eyebrows then top it off with white eyeshadow or powder.

Did I mention, the grandma wig comes with a cute bun!! *hoho*

"THE BEATLES" This wig is sold in a set of 4 only. Catwalk Cosmetics doesn’t want people to run into each other with the same costume idea so be the first to reserve this set and get stalked by fangirls while you’re out during Halloween. :>

Outfit idea: Plain polo & black long sleeves. How easy is that!? You can wear round shades too so you can channel the legendary John Lennon.

Most of these wigs are 1 pair only and are available at CATWALK COSMETICS. Be sure to give the discount code: "TrickyTreat" when texting in your orders to get a free gift! ;)

More looks to come this week. Feel free to give costume/ makeup look suggestions below via Disqus. Enjoy the weekend! :-*


Ever wondered on how your favorite top bloggers would look like aside from their usual and well known “stylish poses”?

Luckily, during the Bloggers United 3 event, i was able to roam around the venue not to shop, but to humbly ask each and one to them to pose and show their goofy side. 

All of them were very accommodating and sport as well in doing the Wacky pose, or should i say their "less fabulous side".

Wasn’t able to approach all of them, but somehow managed to come close to a few to whom’s blog i bet, you also visit religiously. 

When asked to execute the Wacky pose, this is how they do it:

Carlos Concepcion of Kingdom of the C

David Guison of DG MNL

Seph Cham and Shai Lagarde of Lovechic

Stacy and Danah of the plumpinay

Camille Co of  itscamilleco

Robbie Becroft of Robbieoffduty

you might be wondrin on why there’s minimal difference between the two. it’s because i wasn’t able to fully capture the body pose of Robbie on the 2nd photo, to which he emphasized the “wacky pose”. Nevertheless, it’s still worth posting :)

Kryz Uy of Kryzuy

Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer

Patricia Prieto of Paradigma

Dominique Tiu of Konichiwear

Paul Jatayna of Paulhighness

Vern Enciso of Ashoetale

Love Chic in Cebu

I know I owe you guys a long entry for this but unfortunately, most photos are in Seph’s camera. I’ll be showing you very few fail shots from mine.

So Seph and Shai are in Cebu right now. They’re here for an art called blogging. ;)

When they arrived last Saturday, I accompanied them to District 50 for a very heavy and delicious lunch! We had like 5 dishes and three smoothies! Oh so yummy!

Then we headed to Sprockets cafe for an another round of heavy meal. Oh the perks of accompanying tumblr famous bloggers! :)) Last Sunday, we went to Sunday 2PM and Ila Puti. Had another set of heavy meals. Oh my!

Then last Monday, we went to Secret B to cover their Salon. Had this nail gel art which can last to a month or more. It can’t even be removed by an acetone or just any nail polish remover. You have to go back to the Salon and let them remove it for you. Thus the price 2,100.

There’s Seph and Shai taking photos of their “before” looks. Watch out for their blog post on what Secret B did with their hair! 

Hi. Mandatory mirror shot. LOL. I’m really confused if I should grow my hair or keep it short. Seph and Shai are telling me that the short hair suits me better. 

And then there’s the owner-looking hairstylist doing Seph’s hair.

Some nail arts.

After Secret B, we had a delightful heavy lunch at Dolce. These are just some of the photos. Yes. We’ve been eating a lot. After Dolce, Seph and Shai ended up in food coma. LOLjk. After eating in Dolce, we also got to meet the owner and even entered her very modern, stylish and cool office with very lovely interiors! Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos. But I’m sure my photos won’t do justice to her very beyond awesome office. 

And earlier today, they had a seminar about blogging in FIDA and in USC CAFA. The students were all very active in asking questions and they were listening attentively. Some students got all kilig when Seph got closer to them since he can barely hear their questions. Haha! Good to know that more and more cebuano students are into blogging nowadays. Also happy to meet some students who were following my blog. I didn’t expect they wanted a photo with me. Haha! It’s very heart warming. I’m also glad I was able to listen to Lovechic’s talk on how to know your personal style and market your self.

This evening, some Cebuano bloggers gathered at Simply J’s with them Seph and Shai. It was really fun and that’s when I also realize I had to update this blog because Ayana and Hanz were telling me that I haven’t been updating my blog and they’ve been waiting for me to update it. I feel so bad about myself! Ugh. It’s really nice meeting all of them. I wish more people came though. Heavy rain and flood was all over Cebu just this afternoon! A lot of people got stranded. 

This was taken at Mountain View where I took them last Sunday before having dinner at Ila Puti. They’re very lovely in person. Also very sweet with each other too. They’re like the ideal kind of relationship. They compliment each other. Like normal couples, they have arguments too but they make sure they settle it right away. They’re together for two years now. It’s really cute since they get to work together while enjoying the perks of blogging. They’re both very nice in person. I wish all people were like them. And I like their style since they are promoting inexpensive fashion yet very classy. I wish I had more time though. Tomorrow’s going to be their last day in Cebu and too bad I can’t accompany them anymore. I felt sad this evening when I bid my goodbyes to them.

I’ll leave you guys with this photo of me. Haha! I’m really sorry for being busy. I hope I can take decent photos tomorrow. I miss being a bum. LOL. Feeling busy much? HAHA! I hope to update more often. But as what Seph and Shai said, you don’t really have to blog just for the sake of updating. It must always be quality over quantity. What’s there to blog with no sense at all, right?

I hope they enjoyed their stay in Cebu despite the very tight schedule.

How’s your day?


I really had fun in @davidguison’s talk about blogging, photography, and a little online marketing! All of them are my interests! Sobrang interesting, and ang cool pa ng presentation niya! Though naghintay pa kami ng 1 hour, dahil konting problems with the projector & mic. Sulit naman!

Hanggang ngayon, sobrang starstruck pa din kami ni James. Sobrang nakakatuwa pa kasi her sister (@chiqtopia) told us na fashionista daw kami! yeahhh.. And si James pa, sinabihan pa ni David na maganda daw ang outfit! Whoa?? Whatta compliment! Ako stylist non! lololol :))

They’re really nice! David is so cool and really humble na hindi ka talaga maiintimidate pag kasama mo siya. Very down-to-earth! And also his sister, Ate Chiqui. Nakikipagkwentuhan talaga siya, kahit di naman niya kami kilala. ;)

So yeah.. His talk is really inspiring! I really learned a lot, and he makes me wanna love blogging more! Bigla tuloy akong nangarap ng malaki.. Sana someday, maging Seph and Shai din kami ni James. “James and Jamie”, oha? lol :)) 

Sana makita ko ulit si David soon! and may he continue inspiring others.. :”>

..we all love navy blue! lol :))

Celebrate the colors of mists with ChicNova x PrettiestinPinkness

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