Spreading a little optimism on omegle. I seem to be getting two sorts of responses

Happy,  which includes smiley emotes or thank yous, or err, “fuck you"s. I think I got a "go kill yourself”, but i’m not sure if that was aimed at me or the other stranger. Either way, rawr. that’s not something that should be said to anyone ever >=| 

BUT! There are happy responses, so that’s good!  

If anyone who saw my messages actually looks here, hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog! =D <3  And maybe shoot me a message, it’d be pretty cool to know if anyone actually looks! 

and to my lovely followers, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting recently. Life hit again, but i’ve got a bunch of pictures backed up to post, so I’ll try to post more soon!

Hm, well here’s a random thought for you guys. How do you think LoveAnotherStranger might do on facebook? Like a fan page thing?

idk if I’ll do it or not, or if I did how I’d do it and if I could keep up with it (since I’m just oh so good at it here sometimes…>>; sorry guys, i try, i swear!) buuuuuut what do you think?

I swear, you guys, I'm not dead!

I’m still here! And I kind of have a lot of post-it pics backlogged o_O;; I just keep failing to post things because summer’s had me running around a bunch. 

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, cause i certainly haven’t forgotten about you!

And hey, don’t forget, if you put up your own post-its anywhere, feel free to submit them and share! If you post them to your own blog, tag them as loveanotherstranger and I’ll probably see it at some point, cause I do check that tag now and then. If you want to make sure I see it (it’d make me really happy! ^.~) you can shoot me a message and let me know. 

Also just tossing this out here. I’ll be at Otakon next weekend, and I’m going to try to stick a few notes where I can. It won’t be easy (last year i failed completely XD; ) cause I’m still a ninja about it, but I’m gonna try!  A few cute little cosplay notes in bathrooms would be cool, no? “Your cosplay looks great! <3”   Except the bathrooms are usually pretty active areas, sooo idk XD;We’ll see!

Stay awesome, everyone, and I hope you all have an awesome day! =D

So I got a really cool idea while shopping today

I saw a package of those plastic easter eggs and it hit me. Instead of just using post-its, around easter I’m gonna leave easter eggs in random places with notes inside them. 

I’m a little worried that either no one’s gonna see them or pick them up, or if i write ‘open me!“ or something on them someone’s gonna think they’re something super suspicious o_O; 

So uh I need opinions! What do you think?