but omg au where, in her exile, thorin repays tauriel for
            saving kili by letting her stay in the mountain. he hates
            her at first but she’s too fucking cute to dislike and thorin
            introduces her to dis and tauriel and dis drink tea and
            bitch about their asshole dwarf men

Find the boy who will kiss your forehead before you sleep, and help you fight your demons every night. Find the boy who will catch your hand before you try to hide them and tells you that they are beautiful. Find the boy who smiles when you wear odd socks and makes you tea in bed just because he loves making you happy. Find the boy who understands that people overwhelm you sometimes and gives you all the space you need to cope. Find the boy who gives you strength when you fall to rise yourself. Find that boy. And don’t ever let him go.
—  Find That Boy | Nikita Gill