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Tamaki: “B-but I’m just looking out for my daughter!! I’m her daddy and I’m protecting her from predators-” *glares at the twins* *embraces Haruhi so tight she can’t breathe*

but omg even though tamaki says he’s daddy, I don’t think he’d have a daddy kink bc that would be.. idk idk man 0////0

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wescareourselves + twatwafflesyrup

wescareourselves: omg! Julia. k so this chick is on point about everything. looks? got it. attitude: got it! intelligence? got it. like i actually adore her and i wish we were closer tbh. also, like does she live in london now or something? because like where is she?

 @twatwafflesyrup: i can’t tag her :/ but kelsey is really awesome! we were never really tight but i love her energy so much! she reminds me of a magical mermaid tbh. and i ship her relationship so much omg. <3 ALSO, why wasnt i following her?!! 

(also, am i using the right pronouns for both of you?)

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What are your favourite songs right now? You listen ot really sick music :)

first of all, omg thank you so much. i love that you think that. my fave songs right now are probably:

hunger of the pine - alt-j
no one’s gonna love you - band of horses
work song - hozier
15 step - radiohead
tight rope - walk the moon
momma - kendrick lamar
la lune - madeon ft. dan smith
nara - alt-j
fairly local - twenty one pilots

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Felicidades Sofi!!!!! Te lo mereces, tu blog es genial (●´∀`●)♥

afsdasfads Muchas gracias Andrea! <33 

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Thank you ^-^ <3

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congrats! i really love your blog ^__^

Thank you so much, you’re so nice! <33

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asudhsajhdghsadksab THANK YOU SO MUCH ANA! <33 *HUGS YOU*

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suckmyprusticles lol

OLIVIA IS THE BEST OMG. I can’t believe me and her are so tight now. It’s awesome. We talk everyday. I love her sass and she’s an amazing Habs fan. We have so much in common when it comes to literally everything (music especially). I love talking to her and seeing her on my dash :) 

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your commissions are free?! you should really start charging-- that's just my opinion. your art is worth so much more than 'free'! :') i love your techniques, though. maybe, while you still have free commissions, i could ask for some sugamon? ;//v//;

OMO you’re so nice otl ;; I’m still thinking about my own shop on RedBubble or something like that idk yet ;-;  And yeah why not! SugaMon is so cute, it will be a pleasure! :D 

MS. BASKETCASE 😍😘 HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ARE FINALLY 14 U POOP! 🎉🎁UGH you have no idea how much you mean to me and how grateful i am for this day because on this day YOU were born and im so freaking grateful for you. 💕 THANK you for always being there when i need it most. We’ve gotten each other through our ups and downs and this year has been one terrible roller coaster and we’re strapped on tight but it’ll be over soon. Holy how did we even meet? WE’VE GOTTEN SO FAR FROM THEN. i think we just had academy and parke together and we never really talked much until fate would have it that we got stuck into that stupid math thing with sammyandy. AND OMG WHEN WE MADE TSHIRTS 😂 Since then, we’ve been practically unseperable and you’re like the sister I never had. and holy our private jokes and rants and i love how i can just act crazy around you and you dont care (that much 😂😉)I can’t imagine a time where I needed you and you weren’t there. and kid, i am so freaking grateful.😘❤️Thank you for staying with me and sitting me through that phone call that took an eternity. Thank you for convincing me not to go through with my stupid ideas and sticking by me. Thank you for having lana, taylor, melanie, and disney jam sessions with me.Thank you for being the greatest friend I could possibly ask for and being the one I can trust the most. You are gorgeous, beautiful, athletic, so nice its weird, give great hugs, a goody two shoes (but hey i love ya anyway), and the sweetest person i know. Don’t you ever dare forget that. Thank you for our heart to hearts where we can just sit there and cry and not talk and yet we still get one another. Remember, we’re going to be stuck here for the next four or five years and then we can gtfo of here. We can finally do our world tour 😂 at Disneyland and London. THE BREAKFAST CLUB WILL BE SOON TOURING WITH DISNEY SONGS AND TSWIZZLE. We’ll find our Danny and Phillip’s and they’ll sweep us off our feet and call us princess. But right now, we’re just going to have to wait and put up with people who don’t deserve to be in our lives. Stay strong and know i will always be there. but TODAY YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE BEAUTIFUL SELF YOU ARE WITH YOUR PRETTY LITTLE MIND (ha u see what i did) AND BE FOURTEEN AND HAVE FUN BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT MORE THAN ANYONE. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY U WEIRDO. 💖😘

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I remembered one more (is silly, but I think is adorable.). AU Victorian Era. Is Marlene's bday and she has to be introduce to society as a woman, so her parents trow a ballroom dance (you know, the ones with puffy dresses) and shes hating every minute of it and she meets Sirius (so so sexy)

I LOVE THIS PROMPT SO MUCH OMG. Thank you for sending itt <3 <3 <3

Marlene sighed as she looked at her own reflection. She was wearing a long and beautiful lilac dress. Beautiful but utterly uncomfortable and big, not to mention that her corset was too tight and her make-up made her look ridiculous. She would rather be riding horses, exploring the forest; but no, she had to be in that stupid party that her parents had organized for her.

She was supposed to be introduced to society; she was supposed to find a suitable man to be her husband, a suitable rich man with a good name. Marlene groaned irritated, she really didn’t want to go there and certainly didn’t want to marry some rich idiot.

There were some knocks on the door but she didn’t reply. There were more knocks and she sighed tiredly “yes, come in!”

Her maid, Delia, came in and made a small bow “Miss Marlene, your mother is requesting your presence downstairs; she says the guests are already here”

Marlene nodded “alright, I’ll be right down, thank you Del” she smiled kindly.

The woman smiled back and left the room. The girl fixed her dress quickly and, after sighing tiredly, headed outside. She walked through her big house until she reached the ball room. Her father was waiting for her outside; he stretched out his arm with a kind smile and Marlene took it.

“You look beautiful, sweetheart” he whispered before the doors opened.

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#tanoshiicon haul!!! i love it all so much omg, can’t wait to hang all these gorgeous prints! and i finally got my hands on a pair of those doll/robot tights yesss. the bath bomb cupcake smells really good, idk how the vanilla bath truffle smells but i assume it’s also good, the tooth necklace is SUPER COOL and im still so impressed that it was hand sculpted like?? holy shit. and of course, gotta keep building on my rad pin collection, these will all fit in wonderfully on my bag!!
i had a really amazing time!! even though i was volunteering so i missed a lot;;
i didn’t get too many pics, but i’ll post what i have to tumblr later, if you’re interested!! (theres a link to my blog in the bio, just fyi 👍)(unless ur seeing this on tumblr cause im cross posting in that case ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
hope everyone had an awesome time, as well!! if anyone from the con staff sees this: definitely bring back the maid cafe (BC I MISSED IT AND I WANT TO TAKE PART NEXT YEAR) and maybe move to a system where there’s some sort of backup badges? like special hand stamps or smth in case we run out again? idk tho ive never run a con before haha;;
ANYWAYS good morning all hope you had a love time at tanoshii and i wish everyone a happy sunday! if one of the products here is yours, lemme know and i’ll tag/follow you!! all y'all’s art is so good omg.
#tanoshii #tanoshiicon2015 #con #conhaul #convention #cosplay

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you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. you make me happy, when skies are grey. you'll never know dear how much i love you. please don't take my sunshine away. send this to ten people you love and always follow♥

yaaaay omg thank you so much, lucas ♥♥ you’re so nice aw *hugs you tight*

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Do you take requests? If so, you know the time crash minisode? Can you draw that, but with 12, Clara and 11 instead? Love your art by the way! They make my day! <3

I AM SO SORRY OMG ;A; I do normally take requests but right now I’m sort of tight on time with some art I need to do for other people. :( And I’m starting full time work & study next week…orz;; 

If I find the time to make it this week or next week, I’ll definitely do it! (And thank you so much, your words are much too kind. :) It makes MY day to hear that it makes your day)

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I NEED U! :-)

BTS Asks: Mood For Love Pt. 1 Edition

omg this is a long one haha 

  1. INTRO: 화양연화 : “  Because of the other’s standard of success
    My worries spread like cancer again, god damn it “
  2. I NEED U:  All of the things you said are like a mask
    It hides the truth and rips me apart
  3. Hold Me Tight:  Your cold face tells me everything rather than words
    I can see a break up rising over me like a high tide
  4. Skit:  Suga: We don’t make any money!
  5. Sick:  Don’t ever give up, you know youre not lonely.
  6. 흥탄소년단 :  If hope is with us, we won’t know time is passing
  7. Converse High:  Anyway, when you meet me, don’t wear Converses
    It’s too hard to take them off of you
  8. 이사 :  While taking the last box out of the empty room
    I looked back for a moment
    Times we cried and laughed
    Goodbye now
  9. OUTRO - LOVE IS NOT OVER:  Why are you getting farther away? So far that I can’t reach you? 

AAHHH that was soo long!! But thank youu ^^

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ur beautiful!!!

caroline i swear you’re such a ray of sunshine //hugs tight// thank you so much love omg you’re beautiful and so much more!! ~ (。’▽’。)♡


said: Good evening darling! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Thank you very much! I hope your day is as wonderful as mine was :) *hugs you tight*


said: (OMG I WANT CAKE! YOU HAVE CAKE? ….I mean… sleep well dear <3)

I kinda ate
all of the cake,
so you get a rhyme instead,
and I hope you’re not mad.