ok im doing the live reading again ok

  • bahaha nice summary
  • first 3 sentences and im fucking grinning so hard already wow thanks
  • aww laura is traumatized with the kissing dream from before and is afraid it’s happening again aww cute
  • tight grip around the waist aaaaa i feel so alive right now

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anonymous asked:

You create gifs faster than I can take a breath of air. Love your blog so much it makes me smile. XD I have your blog open and hit reblog so fast. Your gifs are gorgeous. Your blog lights up my day with Sam feels. "hugs real tight"

omg nonny, you are so kind and lovely and you really made me smile now. 

Thank you so much <3 

I feel honoured that my blog is open for you and i can’t stop smiling you made my night :) 

I’m glad you enjoy my blog and SAM FEELS ALL DAY LONG. 

Hope you’re having a good day / night :) 

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Think of the kiss Oliver will give Felicity once she tells him that she loves him. Think of the first time they will make love. Think of the panic on Oliver's face if she is in danger. Think of them holding hands. Think of Oliver saying to Felicity that he wants a family with her, while she is holding baby Sara. Think of them dancing together. Tight hugs. Pecks. Touches. Kisses. Love. We have so much beautiful things to come. A little angst now worths it. (trying to cheer you up<3<3) shy anon


FIRST THANK YOU TONS OMG!!! knowing you like my stuff makes me super duper happy let me love you /hugs tight/ also sorry the answer took so long I’m… yeah I’m a lazy ass sorry

Second I’m guessing you actually meant Daiki there, if I’m wrong please send another ask and ignore this answer - I !!! actually talked about this possibility a couple of times before (like here for example) and the thing is, I think Aomine would  ask before just bringing a dog home in a normal situation, so all in all Kagami would be angry that Aomine ignored his no and generally on high alert, but he wouldn’t exactly panic

That is, if the whole situation is a normal I want a dog I’m getting a dog and nothing you say will change my mind about it - but let’s say it instead goes like this (I like this scenario let me talk about this scenario)(I actually wanted to write a fic but never got around to do it so yeah let’s do it like this)

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Im not usually one to go on and on about my sex life on tumblr (unless someone asks) but omg.

So I got some skin tight lingerie recently and I decided to wear it tonight. My boyfriend and I are fooling around and he suggested I could drink a bunch of water and koolaid. And Im like, sure okay. Usually I like making him bloated, but I decided to do it to myself for once. 

So I drank all the kool aid and about a gallon of water, it hurt to stretch out my stomach but I loved it. and my boyfriend says to me, “I’ve never had a girl turn me on as much as you have.” So I feel pretty accomplished. Lol

Its been a good night. 

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I'm 5"4 and about 115lb. I have natural dead straight, dirty blonde hair but I've bleached it so much it's white/lilac. I'm really pale, have blue eyes and am on the skinny side. I listen everything (mostly alternative). I wear stupidly large jumpers/tights or skinny jeans and always a pair of black steal toe Dr Martins. I'm autistic, so a bit strange and have some scars, but I'm mostly just happy and quiet, with the exception of raves/mosh pits and such. I love cats, jelly tots, and reading.

OMG PERFECTION C; Aha defo date, everything you’ve stated above is perfection c; hehe

milkayway said: omg you’re famous

Im not u silly!!! aksjajskshdka 😂

shisshio said: ahhhhhh congrats baby <333 you deserve everyone *O*

Aaaah thank you cou my baby you’re just so sweet!!! ;v; 💜

mmasato said: congraaaaaats!!!!!!! *hug*

Thank you babyyyy ~hugs you tight~ 💙

kenmasneko said: it’s because we love you :D

you mean YOU love me? I love you too amdjajfhafagdkfn 😏😘

morgianafanaliss said: congrats on all your followers! you’re perfect and you blog is amazing and now more people are here to see it!

Liv stop this you are just so sweet ;v; nothing here is perfect except for you, thank you so much baby!!!!! 💚

akahito said: CONGRATS NAT!!! OMG YOU DESERVE IT <333

Thank you my beautifuuuuul!!!! You’re so nice stop this, i love you!!! 💛

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Omg that gif of Liam hugging zayn from behind looks like Liam is holding him back from a fight like "zaynie please, it's not worth it don't be upset come here" and then continues to cuddle him IM SORRY I GOTTA GO THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME

TBH it feels more like ‘oh no Zayn is not paying attention to me, I shall change that by plastering myself to his back and hold on tight so our bodies merge into one. Ah yesss, just like this, goooooooooood. Mmmmmmm I love my gentle boo!’


There’s a huge stupid toothy grin on Kita’s face and she’s practically squealing as she lunges forward to pull the blushing blond into a tight hug. “Aw! What’s wrong? You’re still cute! Never change, little guy!”

The blond is quickly pulled into a very tight hug. He doesn’t even attempt to squirm out, this is it. He’s accepted his fate, and he will run with it for an eternity. And yet, still blushing, he looks away. “I’m not cute…” He muttered.

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hEy it'S ALEXIS i know we don't really talk in the beagleline net chat but you're really cool anD PRETTY AF WHAT THE HELL IM SO ?!?!??! but happy birthday!!!!


anonymous asked:

You and Relm are making my night with your adorableness. I've been dealing with an awful lot today and not all of it good, so I'd like to say thank you <3

OMG they are so cuties aren’t they omg i love that someone else also feels the feels they are such adorbs dorks thank you for sharing this with me it makes me feel so nice too b/c i’ve been just recovering from a thing and wow thank you so much for telling me this OMG HUGGLES U TIGHT <3

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Omg pretty please ship me with someone from exo M and exo k? I'm 18 a libra and I have the same birthday as lay and I'm currently learning Korean :) I have brown eyes, straight dark brown hair, kinda sorta tan & I'm 5'3. I'm fairly outgoing and get pretty comfortable around people rather quickly and I tend to curse to much then I'd like to, and I'm really sarcastic but I love cuddling and tight hugs make me so happy thank you <3

Sure thing! I have no problem shipping you with someone from Exo! I hope you enjoy this and ask again for a ship or a one shot or anything really, haha. I love you all after all! 

For Exo K I’d ship you with the one and only sudaddy.

The reason I’d ship you with Suho would be the fact that Suho would like someone with long straight hair. Along with that Suho would enjoy someone with a explosive personality. Seeing as how your really sarcastic it would seem to be that you would slightly explosive when it comes to your personality along with a outgoing side. this would be perfect for Suho. Along with your height would be perfect for Suho. Along with this I can see you being as someone who is a very knowable. This would also be a great attribute for Suho to enjoy you as a person and a girlfriend. 


For Exo M i’d ship you with the cute squishy oldest member Xiumin. 

The reason for this ship would be that you two would just be perfect for each other! Xiumin enjoys hugs and cuddles! This would be perfect for you two as you enjoy hugs.(Who doesn’t like hugs?) On top of this I see you as a person being able to calm down this cutie pie! I also see you as a person that will keep him warm and loved for as long as you two lived! Lastly the thing that topped off Xiumin to me right away would be the height for you two is perfect!

I really hope you enjoyed this ship and please feel free to request another and don’t be shy and come talk if you want to~~Kitten

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Hmm maybe I should become a regular around here with my stucky sexy head canons. :3 I have to go to sleep rn but I'll leave you with Bucky putting panties on for the first time. He had no idea it would feel this good and he gasps as they settle around his hips. After that he becomes addicted to the feelings and keeps them on, comforted by his little satin secret rubbing against him. (well I just made myself blush. /I am so sorry/. I am going to sleep before I can continue this madness <3

omg bucky trying panties on for the first time and loving the feel of them so much he goes online and buys himself at least 10 different pairs and wearing his new panties underneath all his clothes and admiring himself in the mirror and omg omg. 

you should DEF become a regular around here this is where you CLEARLY BELONG. okay friend sleep tight now. have beautiful bucky in panties dreams :»

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Chilton is very scared of buying new clothes and often gets intimidated by it so his casual wardrobe is mostly things he bought in college. all the band t shirts and button ups are waaaay too tight and his tummy often hangs out of them but he loves it and loves wearing those clothes around the house and looking at his cute tummy poking out whenever he sees himself in a mirror

ahhhhh ok this is my fave kinda thing bless u oh my gosh <3333

i love this so much especially that he’s not sad about it!! he’s cute as heck and he knows it aw <33

so yeah thank u this is perfect omg!!! 

sugardaddysparklez asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself publicly then send this to your 10 favorite followers. (It's non-negotiable. Positivity is cool.)

Yay I’m one of your fav followers, thanks cutie! :)

AND omg this has been literally my 4th or 5th one. I honestly can’t think of any but I’m going to try my best.

1.) My eyes are hella TIGHT THO. They change colors in the light.

2.) I like how I do my eyeliner. It always looks fierce as fuck. Lol.

3.) I like that I’m trying to make new friends here, it’s nice just being able to talk to new people! Love it so much. (I’m usually not a people person.)

4.) I like how I’m trying my best to deal with my social anxiety. Sometimes it still gets bad but I just kind of work through it and take things one step at a time. 

5.) I’m not really saying this about myself but I love my job lol. It’s fun and my managers are super nice and easy going. 

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random reminder that you are a hella beautiful young lady with hands that could probably defy the laws of alchemy and turn dirt to gold because holy cow your art is so cute and amazing like wOW i need to lie down orz

Wow my gosh!!!! ////v\\\ you are so sweet omg this makes me so happy Ahhh! ! I’m so flattered, I don’t know what to say! !
Thank you so much, you lovely person!!! u//v//u)/// ♥♥♥♥
//hugs tight!