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There’s a million different things I want to be revealed/have happen in season 2 of Binan Koukou (besides more of my ships, of course ;) ), such as...

-En and Ibushi are related (perhaps cousins or even brothers). They look so much alike!

-An Ibushi-centric episode, possibly in which the above point is revealed. This poor guy needs more screentime. He’s still not sure what he’s fighting for, after all.

-Atsushi’s sister was a former Battle Lover who either died in the line of duty or simply distanced herself from everyone, and suddenly appears in the middle of the season. I personally wouldn’t mind a female character showing up in the second season.

-Perhaps we see the senior characters (En, Atsushi, Kinshiro, and Ibushi) graduate, and the season ends with a very emotional parting scene. Perhaps Akoya, then, becomes the new student council president (or Io, if he doesn’t become the treasurer).

-We could learn more about how EnAtsu and IoRyuu meet each other. Also how Io and Ryuu met, and how the student council members met each other.

-A Battle Lover turns evil thanks to a new bad guy.

-More information about the previous generation of Battle Lovers in general.

-Kinshiro actually doing archery, because it was listed as one of his hobbies in his character card. Maybe he shoots arrows against the new bad guys or something.

-Ryuu actually snowboarding, because it was listed as one of his hobbies in his character card. Heck, for that matter, I’d like to see all of the characters indulging in their hobbies if they haven’t been shown doing it in season 1.

-The other characters indulging in their favourite foods, as En had done with manju and Yumoto had done with onigiri.

-A truly huge, calamitous battle/war involving world domination by the new enemies. I wouldn’t mind a major character death in the process.