Sorry for the terrible phone pictures! I just like having Boueibu town tunes in Animal Crossing and wanted to share! From left to right, top to bottom it’s:

  • the “baby baby sweet baby” from Ryuu’s character song
  • “conquest” from Warera Seigi No Caerula Adamas
  • “I miss you itoshisa sae” from I miss you no three metres
  • “kimi mo fallin’ love, doin’ love” from the main theme!
  • “boku koso ga utsukushii” from Beauty…EGOISM
  • the “kimi ga sasayaita no ka” bit from Never Know

Yo!! I was at Fanime last weekend!! If you have any photos of me, please send them my way! I’d love to see them!

Friday: Magical Girl Madoka Kaname
Saturday: Hide Nagachika in the morning and for the Tokyo Ghoul Panel then Merman Haruka Nanase later in the day
Sunday: Maid Kenma for the Haikyuu gathering then Wakasa the Merman the rest of the day
B&W Ball: Formal Wakasa with my lovely date wishfulfeline as formal Tatsumi
Monday: Squad Swag Io Naruko