A few screencaps from the 4/27/15 Live with Kelly& Michael interview. Of course James is adorable especially with the sassy purple scarf.
I didn’t see the entire interview due to bad weather where I live. But he did get a standing ovation when he walked out and seemed really bashful. He’s such a cutie. He also mentioned not being up on technology at all and barely being able to use his phone. This confirms my theory that he lives in his own little world of James.
(Sorry I don’t have the link to the interview but thought I’d share these anyway. Love Smiley James)

Good people want to help others. It’s in their nature, the very essence of their soul. And usually, everything works out. Sometimes though, you get burned.

My older brother is a great person. He’s loving, kind, hilarious and extremely generous, even when he has little to spare. He’ll make you cry laughing, or give you the shirt off his back if you’re cold. I’d say our parents did a pretty great job.

Remember when I told you that sometimes good people get burned? Well my brother got fried to a crisp. Someone in his life took him - and his wallet - for a very expensive ride.

When he asked me for help, I answered. On April 1st, my fiancé and I moved in with him and this person to help relieve the stress of all the bills. We gave rent to this person, as they were the only one on the lease and in communication with the landlord. When I asked this person if everything was okay for us living there, they told me that they had an agreement with the landlord that we could stay.

Then, in the early afternoon of Sunday, April 12th, my fiancé and I heard a loud banging on the door followed by someone opening it with a key. It was the landlord. As it turns out, the landlord knew nothing about us. At all. The landlord did not even know that my brother had moved in, nor that he was paying all the bills. Since we were not pre-approved, which is needed in accordance with the lease agreement, we had until the evening to be completely out. I do not blame the landlord. This was not their fault at all. It’s their house.

When the landlord told me why they had simply walked in without giving any notice, I thought I was going to be sick.

The landlord had thought the place was abandoned because not only had they not heard anything from the person on the lease in a long time, they had also not received rent for a month and a half. This person stole our rent money from April - as well as my brother’s rent money from March - and ran.

With a mere few hours to vacate and no money to find a new place, we had nowhere to go. Thankfully, our parents were able to set us up with (very) temporary housing but we cannot stay for long.

The three of us can cover rent and utilities no problem, but we need help with the damage deposit for our new place. At the latest, we need to be out of where we’re at by May 1st and in my city, the damage deposit for a townhouse costs around $1200.

That’s why we need your help. With limited time to come up with the rent and utility money, we humbly ask for your assistance with the damage deposit for our new place.

Even if you can only afford to give a small amount, every penny (or nickel now, I should say) would be appreciated so much.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you have a fantastic day.



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I just went digging through twitter finding hate on troye and it was HORRIBLE. I cant believe people would say stuff like that and put it online/tweet it to him. I really hope he doesnt see it. but then tumblr is full of support and troye love. Sadly all people with a big following get so much unreasonable hate, but it seems like they do a good job ignoring it. Personally i think troye should do what zoe did and take a short like 2 day break from social media. sorry, just wanted to say something

i know i cant even believe some people feel the need to shade and be rude to him, like they think it’s “sassy” but there’s a limit to that tbh. like this bothered me, troye literally sees the stuff they tweet when they think he doesn’t and it’s not ok

like can troye not just live his life and change his layout without people dragging him?? like excuse me i thought the layout was cute and if you dont think so you should keep it to yourself bc troye doesn’t care what you think. he does a good job ignoring it though, don’t worry. just sometimes it’s hard to ignore when it’s constantly staring at you in the face. maybe a break is a good idea, but idk i think he’s fine and trying to move on and be more positive so it can hopefully spread through the twitter fandom bc right now im so done with most of them they need to grow up. thankfully he’s got us tumblr ppl to turn to ;)

never forget <333


“Screw you, I’m beautiful” 

I don’t think the humor came from “oh he’s a guy wearing makeup hahaha how ridiculous” i think it came from his reactions to applying said makeup and how awful it looked when he was done 

at no point in the video did he compare himself to a woman

people getting upset about this only seem to be solidifying the idea that makeup is a gendered product which is pretty counterproductive 

I would personally love to see a second makeup challenge video 


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How would D.O and Chanyeol react to having a gf who is small and innocent but has a sometimes feisty and sassy side to her?

D.O would absolutely love it because he would adore your small and innocent side since squishy kyungsoo is quite small himself and I think he would suit a girl who is kind-hearted and rather innocent. But he would also like your feisty and sassy side because it shows that you can stand up for yourself so D.O would be reassured to not to worry about you as much if you started getting hate from publicly dating him. However, D.O wouldn’t like it if you snapped at him if you were being sassy because I think he would prefer your innocent side when you’re with him. Furthermore, since D.O isn’t much of a talker and he doesn’t particularly retaliate when the Exo members tease him, I think you would probably be able to avenge for him by being sassy and feisty to the members in a playful manner, D.O would thank you for that later on with a passionate kiss and admire you for defending him.

Chanyeol would also love that you have both sides to your personality. He would enjoy your small and innocent side so that he could tease you and just find you plain adorable. He would love to peck your cheeks and just pat your head to emphasise your height although he’ll love your height because it would be one of the reasons why he fell for you. Being innocent can relate to being vulnerable and I think Chanyeol would like that because it shows your purity and he would admire a trait like that in a girl, and it would instinctively cause him to want to protect you from everything evil in this word. Additionally, he’ll like your feisty and sassy side that shines through sometimes because when you two are teasing and being playful, you can attack back with good remarks that would make him laugh. Similar to D.O, that side of you would comfort Chanyeol because you can stand up for yourself and stay strong. Chanyeol would be proud to have you as a girlfriend because girls who are innocent but yet feisty is a rare find therefore he’ll definitely treasure you and show you his affections and love for you daily so you would never lose your interest in him. 

Admin Pikachu ♥

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God, I loved Mark but now I'm so fucking angry. He just went all 'lol i'm too famous for this shit oh so sassy UNTOUCHABLE CINNAMON BUN HAA' like. get off your high horse mr Fischbach, you're a normal person just like everyone else. Why is it so fucking hard for "famous" people to apologize??? (same happened with JSE a couple months ago) Maybe Mark prefers quantity over quality when it comes to his fanbase... sorry for all the cursing, i'm raging

Your anger is completely justifiable, no need to apologise anon! I suppose a few hundred unhappy fans doesn’t matter when he’s got millions who turn a blind eye to everything he does wrong… It’s such a shame that he continuously says that every fan matters and that he cares about us all but what he actually means is ‘every fan who doesn’t criticise me matters, i care about every fan who thinks i can do no wrong’

And yeah, I unsubbed and unfollowed JSE a couple of months ago after he refused to apologise for things he did, I was far less attached to him and hadn’t been following him for long so it was much easier for me to just unsub him, it’s harder for me when it comes to Mark because I know of his good qualities and believe he can do better.

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imagine roe's grandmother coming to visit and she shows up at the apartment randomly, when roe is at the hospital so babe and all them take her in till he gets home. and she makes them clean up like a sassy C.O and she cooks dinner that night because "these boys need some meat on them bones". then roe comes home and she embarrasses him with love, and they're asking her all these questions about being a traiteur. (let's pretend she's not dead, if he ever said so in Bastogne)

everyone is super at attention when shes around bc lets face it, shes tiny, but shes SCARY, and besides shes really sweet so they all want to make her love them (plus yeah she makes the BEST potroasts oh my god??) 

gene coming home to find his grandmother and babe at the kitchen table talking animatedly over tea and for a second hes pretty convinced his weird sleep schedules have finally come back to haunt him in the form of walking delusions. bill and toye say ‘ma’am’ more times in the 2 days shes visiting than they’ve done in the six years since they moved away from home.

flawlessvampirequeen (based on this)

There were numerous things that Elijah disliked about his brother fronting a band, including the inevitable inclusion of their younger siblings in said band, as well as the constant travel and having to deal with…certain…types of fans. The things that he liked were few and, unbeknownst to his siblings, involved a certain young woman. Katherine Pierce.

He had met her months earlier when she accompanied a friend on a special backstage tour the other girl had won. Kol had flirted with her the moment she had showed up, but a sassy comment about his inability to play anything of actual complexity on the drums had turned him off quickly. And that was when she had caught his attention.

From there, he had seen her in every town, every show, he personally invited her to and, while Niklaus, Rebekah, and Kol were off partying after shows, he was with her. And he loved every moment of it.

It was, however, getting difficult to keep everything from his siblings especially since more than a few paparazzi had noticed she happened to be everywhere the band was. The only thing that kept their suspicions down were that Elijah just wasn’t the type of man to do something like sleep with some apparent groupie.

Of course, that didn’t mean that they didn’t have suspicions that something was going on with their elder brother and, as he trailed his fingers down Katherin’s bare shoulder, his phone began ringing.

CAPRICORN - The Passionate Lover (December 22 to January 19)
Love to bust. Nice. Sassy. Intelligent. Sexy. Grouchy at times and annoying to some. Lazy and love to take it easy, but when they find a job or something they like to do they put their all into it. Proud, understanding and sweet. Irresistible. Loves being in long relationships. Great talker. Always gets what he or she wants. Cool. Loves to win against other signs in sports, especially Gemini’s. Likes to cook but would rather go out
To eat at good restaurants. Extremely fun. Loves to joke. Smart. 

All I want them to do is bring Tommy back from the death in season 4 and then he can be friends with Felicity to add a light comedy element to the show. Oliver would be so jealous seeing his best friend and hopefully wife by then getting along so well. I love watching sassy Oliver with his ‘there is a decent chance you and Palmer are related’ comments, which we know there would be plenty if this happens.  

[Oliver was miserable when he saw Felicity with Ray more than jealous and it was all very serious and Felicity and Ray had a romantic relationship.]  

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hey love for your 5sos ships whats the craziest color youve dyed your hair x

My hair was once blue, pink, red and black as well as its original blonde, It looked pretty crazy. Don’t have any pictures unfortunately. 

Ship = Luke | Calum | Ashton | Michael

Best Friend = Luke | Calum | Ashton | Michael

Secret Admirer = Luke | Calum | Ashton | Michael

Frenemy = Luke | Calum | Ashton | Michael

General Relationship - 

Now when you were with the boys the sass level hit the roof. Calum would love it when you were over because he would have someone around who was just as sassy as he was. Michael was your chill buddy and any time you fancied a night in you found yourself hanging out with him. While ashton sometimes found sass levels to high but he forgave you because you go out traveling with him when he feels the need to get out of the house or the bus. When tour came round and the boys had to go they would make sure to Skype you as often as possible to share with you their traveling stories.

Ship Relationship - 

Calum was always there for you whenever you needed him, to give you advice or just to listen when you need him. When he was writing new albums he could spend a lot of time with you. It meant you could show him all the best and hidden away places in California that he’d never seen before. Your sassy nature’s paired perfectly and meant that you always had fun on a day out with funny comebacks to one another’s light hearted insults. Your go with the flow attitude meant that you had a really easy and playful relationship. You’d make Calum food from the many places you’d visited because you know Calum enjoys his food but you never give him something to different after you watched him try to eat some of the food from England and it didn’t go down very well. On quiet nights you’d indulge in a bit of television watching your favourite shows, a few of which you’d have to explain to Calum as you went because you were a good few seasons in and he had no idea what was going on but you found that very cute and paused the TV to explain to him what he needed to know. Despite the fact that once you had he still wasn’t watching the TV with you he was to distracted by the look on your face as you watched. 

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Could I have a ship with EXO-M&EXO-K ? I'm a 17 years old, 5'4 with medium length dark blonde hair and bright blue eyes. My friends describe me as hilarious and caring. I'm sarcastic and sassy a lot of the time. Writing, playing video games, and making music are some of my hobbies. I love traveling and going new places !

In EXO K I ship you with Sehun!! I think Sehun would love your Sassy personality and he would love how funny you are. He would also love to dance to the songs you make. He would always make jokes with you and you two would always tease each other. He would love the color of your eyes and he would always get lost in them. He would also tease you about your height.

In EXO M I ship you with Chen. Chen would be right along with you by singing the songs you write. He would love your Sassy attitude and would always laugh at you when you sass the other members. He would love to cuddle with you and play with your hair. He would also love to play Video games with you.

You sound beautiful……….

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☜:a muse you’ve always wanted to play, but haven’t

Uuuuhhhhh…I’m not really one for multiple muses or have a need to play muses. I can be good at writing them but I won’t wanna stick with them. I don’t really have a strong want to play anyone else, but when it comes to basic insertion rp (like chatzy or something) I wouldn’t mind trying out Alistair sometime. He seems like a cute dork, but such a complexity of emotions and PTSD and UGH, that poor boy. Makes me wanna cuddle the cinnamon roll.

☝:a muse you’d like to play again

I have played Varric in chatzy before. He’s sassy and fun but I don’t understand enough of his character to play him sincerely I think. I would love to play him again though! Him and my Shaun Hastings muse, when he decides to get out of incognito.

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Let's be real Spinner leaves Fairy Haven so much to get away from these two obnoxious goobers.-Nicole

omg no this is the best cause I haven’t thought about it before but like, Terence and Spinner are obviously friends, it’s canon-stated, but there are a couple graphic novels where Tink and Spinner interact and she gets all sassy about his stories not being true and this is the best.

(Terence also doubts Spin’s stories, but he doesn’t sass about it. Beck and Prilla on the other hand, believe every word)

So Spinner’s probably like, “Terence, I love ya, mate, but your girlfriend’s a real piece of work”

They probably do get along alright when their opinions aren’t clashing thought, kind of a jokingly antagonistic friendship. It’s fun.

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Hello, I was wondering if I could have an avengers ship please?? I am 5'5 and I have long brown hair. My eyes are grey, and I have dark facial features (eyelashes, eyebrows, etc). I like to watch tv and read books. I also have a little bit of anxiety, like I panic over small things and I get really anxious about it. I am quite sassy and sarcastic as well though, tyvm💗❤️xxx

I ship you with Bruce. While he may not be “that kind of doctor” (yes that is a reference) he totally understands your anxiety and would do his best to help you with it. He would a love when you out sass Tony and he would love your sarcasm. He would love to just chill on the couch with you and watch your favorites shows. 

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Ship me please? I'm 5'4 with alittle bit long shoulder length black hair with brown eyes and tan alittle chubby. I like to sing and sew, I'm really sassy and have a playful attitude. I like to play volleyball and mess around with my friends. At first I'm really quiet, but once someone gets to know me i get really loud and sarcastic. Thank you!! I love your blog!!

Thank you for the compliment!

Gally likes your sass because he’s just as sassy and you both are always able to get on the same page, especially when it came to being playful. You’d take one of his tools and he’d take your hairpin and you would constantly chase each other around for it. But when things get quiet, he shows his soft side and to be honest, it’s pretty much for your eyes only.

CAPRICORN - The Passionate Lover (December 22 to January 19) Love to bust. Nice. Sassy. Intelligent. Sexy. Grouchy at times and annoying to some. Lazy and love to take it easy, but when they find a job or something they like to do they put their all into it. Proud, understanding and sweet. Irresistible. Loves being in long relationships. Great talker. Always gets what he or she wants. Cool. Loves to win against other signs in sports, especially Gemini’s. Likes to cook but would rather go out To eat at good restaurants. Extremely fun. Loves to joke. Smart. 24 years of bad luck if you do not share this post.  - See more at: