SURPRISE KISSES FOR SURPRISE SUBMISSIONS a continuation of my last post ; - ) (by azulity)

do you ever just suddenly remember out of the blue how amazing delenn is 

I dont understand why people make us fall for them when they actually know that in the end they gon’ leave us. Why would u make someone die for u and then go find someone who’s full of life.
Why would u make someone feel like they’re ur everything and then leave them like u never knew them before. And most important why would u let people make u the main reason why they get up happy in the morning when at the end of the day u’ll be telling someone else the same lie.
We all need to be loved and love someone,we all make mistakes, but why would u let someone fall in love with you & make them believe that they’re the one when u actually don’t love anyone.
If u do not love me,dont make me believe it! Hit me with reality so u wont become my breath,because it will be very hard to live without it.


“Well, yeah i already knew that.”

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