taylorswift you know what I’m super thankful for?
I’m thankful for you trusting your gut instinct. I’m thankful for you being bold…being brave. I’m thankful for you trying something new…for rediscovering yourself. This album is so great. I couldn’t tell you enough times. Yes, all of your other albums are fabulous and so great but this one is extra great. I think what makes it so great is the journey…the story behind it. I am so proud of you Tay…just know you made a great are so fearless and it gives me so much hope. Thank you for being you.

When I look at her, I see everything I love, I see my world. I see the one person I wouldn’t hesitate to die for. And I see the only person I’ve ever loved love me back and that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever felt, to have not just anyone but her love me back is incredible.
—  Oko ninjah