We now live in a generation where social media is literally everything. Social media is where you post your thoughts, where you expand your business, where you get inspired, create your own brand, and then where you lose your relationships, can potentially become insecure, where you envy, and where it can drive you crazy.

People love attention via social media-both men and women (but not all). Everyone’s objectives are different. It makes you feel accomplished knowing that the attention you get is way higher than your friends, or a celebrities right? Sometimes.

Thing is as a woman who has observed and is related to someone who has broken up relationships, cheated, bought followers, showed her assets for attention, and feels no type of way about it. I get it. I get you sis. I hate to say it, but I have to say it. I put myself in your shoes, and then I went right back into mine. I pray for you all the time, that you will find yourself and happiness.

There are the females that love to post their goods instead of saving it for the bedroom (but that’s not my problem, we live in America, we all have different morals) because of course, “attention”, and you just love your body. But it would be nice for you to understand that once you hit someone’s DM and decide to message a women/man who is in a relationship for attention you have just become a thot. 

You are the epitome of what a mere tho[ugh]t is. You are a thought. You are a thot. You are ugh. You are simply giving a man/woman ideas of what they could do to you, you are causing friction in relationships because it satisfies you, makes you feel good, and you are just ugh. Yes, “Ugh”-what women can’t stand. 

I write this because my sister has caused women pain who thought they could trust their man, and had kids, and more. Men, you need to understand that once you have a good woman, she isn’t crazy for no reason. She’s crazy for you, crazy afraid to lose you, crazy afraid to think that you will diminish all of the good times and “I love yous” for someone that’s just easy. That’s how insecurities happen. It’s not just men, it’s women too. 

It happens everyday, and I had to see it first hand. It’s just unfortunate that some people will “dive into the DMs” just to see if they still have ‘game’ or can get attention still from the ‘baddest’ females or guys even when they’re taken.

Then again, this is just my thoughts.

Albus Severus cries when Molly knits him his first Weasley sweater with an A on it.  The sweater was is so tangible, so comforting.  He has a physical marker of his family’s acceptance of him, of his name, of who he is.  

That summer when he is staying at the Burrow he goes up to Granny Molly and asks her, ever so sweetly, if she could show him how to change the letters on all his old sweaters to A’s as well.  She immediately gets them some tea and starts teaching him how to knit.  They work their way through the stack of sweaters, switching out the letters.  It takes them three weeks to finish all of them.  Teddy Lupin joins them sometimes and they knit too, making multicolor scarves and gray hats.

Molly is honestly just thrilled that she can help this little boy who reminds her so much of another lost boy with big green eyes who didn’t think he’d be getting a sweater at all.  

Albus tears up a little when they reach the last sweater, one so tiny he can’t conceive that he ever fit in it.  Molly is about to undo the stitching when he stops her.  He keeps this one sweater that doesn’t fit, both in size and name, because he cannot and does not want to erase his past.