i love the rain i love cool soft grass i love crisp stationery i love fresh asparagus i love the view of the city from my bedroom window i love drawing i love the huge painting by my uncle’s ex girlfriend on my desk i love leaves that look soft but are actually crunchy i love singing i love kissing i love the hair on my legs that is longer than the hair on my head i love red roses i love indian ink i love smoking weed with the right people i love winter i love videos where there is no talking or music just sounds i  love hot lemon and honey i love human contact i love the violin in ‘just my imagination’ by the temptations that sounds like bees buzzing i love white wine with my friends i love hearing my favourite music live i love clean new white bedding i love swimming in the sea i love 

alright confession time i kinda overthought that “cas is buzz lightyear” thing 


so the guy shows up and impresses everyone with his wings

then his ego gets away from him and he gets worshipped

and then he goes insane

bonus: imagine cas saying to dean “you are a sad, strange little man”