i………am so… love with bilbo baggins…………..

i feel very worthy of love of all kinds right now and it just washed over me and i want to thank everyone because you made that happen


Led Zeppelins tribute to Johnny Kidd and The Pirates!

Soundcheck at the Chicago Auditorium on 6 July 1973

Schooldays Go Go Go Love Me Like A Hurricane Move It Dynamite Shakin All Over Hungry For Love l’l Never Get Over Reeling And Rocking Tales From The Riverside Daze That Used To In The Beechwoods Bert Jansch Who Remembers Davy Graham?

Just had a dream that I was forced into this horrible daily survivor competition with tons of people killed that ended with me and my love interest on the brink of discovery and me peeing all over myself on the way to the bathroom.

sometimes, i get down because i’m afab and pretty feminine-presenting and agender (mostly bc i can’t quite get the opportunity to go more “androgynous” or whatever)

and sometimes i don’t feel agender enough 

but seeing so many different agender people on trans day of visibility today really made me happy because it makes me feel so…. idk. valid. it’s so great seeing people like me all over my dash, i love it

this day is amazing <3

so overnight i hit over 1,000 followers, got my first creepy anon and the maine released their new album, american candy. i’m feeling pretty stoked.

love you all, thanks for sticking with me over the years!

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life


The only argument I really need to defend Sansa Stark. You know… besides the one where she thinks she’s all alone in the world and her whole family has been murdered and she’s fighting to not meet the same end.


roses for persephone’s priestess


But you didn’t know I was coming. Why would you set me a place?
Oh, because we always do. It’s Christmas, you moron.


when dean realized he loved cas


if you have dated/fucked a band member

  • ok
  • wow
  • cool
  • nice
  • good job
  • congrats

if you post clearly private pictures of them or tell people confidential things about them without their consent

  • unnecessary
  • not ok
  • u suck



favorite characters → sam winchester (supernatural)
"Oh, and Chuck, if you want keep writing Supernatural books, it’s okay with us."
“Wow. Really?”
"No, not really. We have guns and we’ll find you."