Good morning and happy Tuesday beautifuls. Wrapping myself in the perfect print and comfort love to start the day. My picks are from the VS Fabulous collection and are the demi bra and hiphugger panty. Ready to take on another day with a smile, confidence, and a perfect bounce in my step. As you prepare for your day remember to love yourself first and completely. Give yourself a compliment and know in your heart just how beautiful you are. Let your light shine out to those in your life and may your smile and attitude be contagious. Walk with confidence, love freely, and choose to be the good you want to see in the world. Tell the people in your life that you love them and have an incredible time Rocking your Day!! Love you all to pieces. xoxo MML <3

I noticed something today.

So one of the big debates going around lately is how schools, mainly high schools, have been really cracking down on proper dress code for girls and how women are fighting back because it’s extremely degrading and makes young girls feel more self-conscious than they already do about themselves before they’re even comfortable in their own skin. According to the school boards, it’s because it’s distracting to the boys and they can’t concentrate or control themselves. 

I go to an art school. You know what I saw today? Boobs and a vagina. You know who was in the classroom with me? A lot of boys. And you know what they did? The same thing they’ve been doing for two years now. Learning to draw the figure and thinking no more about it than they would drawing a still life of apples. These boys don’t snicker when the model takes her robe off. They don’t turn red, they don’t make dirty remarks amongst themselves, and they don’t get a hard on. And let me tell you, we have beautiful models.

These guys are practically two years older than the high school boys. And they came to the school at the age of 17 or 18. We had nude models since day one at this school, and not once did they ever experience any problems even when they were still the age of high school boys. Why?

Because unlike high school, our college professors would reprimand the boys, or girls, for saying or doing anything inappropriate in front of a model. They’d get their ass kicked out of class so fast the door would  break off its hinges. Not to mention, the female students are allowed to wear whatever they see fit. We don’t experience any problems because we teach our students to be respectful young adults. 

And that’s why you can’t tell me that these high school boys can’t be taught to control themselves and act like respectful young men. Girls’ clothing is not a problem. It’s a problem that boys can say or do whatever they’d like in high school, and the teacher will tell the girl to go change and give the boy a lighthearted eyebrow raise or slap on the hand.

Meanwhile, I’m in art college with boys almost exactly the age of high schoolers, with a nude vagina in the room and they wouldn’t dare bat an eye near her for fear of what would happen to them, and none of them are disrespectful enough to do it in the first place.

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this is very important to me

I don’t know why I don’t let myself cry more often, it’s really such an amazing release. 

I had a complete breakdown yesterday but instead of getting angry at myself and trying to force myself NOT to be upset (which is what I normally do and then hello anxiety attack) I just let myself feel it. 

And today I feel awesome. 

Don’t bottle up your shit guys. I firmly believe that refusing to let yourself have feelings is a major contributor to a lot of illnesses. The anger, and sadness, and hopelessness that you might feel are fucking tangible REAL things, and if you don’t let them out of your body, well, they gotta go somewhere.

Depression, anxiety, disease… what if they are all just physical manifestations of negative feelings we haven’t dealt with yet? 

Don’t stay positive. Don’t stay calm. Don’t convince yourself that other people have it harder and you should feel nothing but gratitude for what you have. Get mad if you have to. Cry if you have to. Stop bottling up your emotions. You are valid, your feelings are valid, and you should only surround yourself with people who treat you accordingly.

Have an awesome day everyone <3