Yunnnn :’) Is studying hard? I hope you’re doing well!
Sorry for sketchy draw;;; I wanted to draw something as
a warm up, and so I drew your mayor > O < )/


my moirail everlind is a cutie patootie who likes johnkat, so I shall doodle her johnkat

Okay so this is for the lovely people of tumblr;

for the first time, earlier this evening, I received anon hate. Honestly, it really wasn’t like a horrible comment or completely devastating; however, it still really brought me down. As I told this anon, I only ever try to improve, and being told that you’re not good at what you love to do is a real let down.

However, within about 5 minutes of replying to that anon, I started getting replies and new messages from lovely, wonderful people denying what the anon said, and saying all these really really nice things, which made me so happy, just to know there are people out there like this. You have all my love. :) ♥ ♥ ♥

The lesson I learned from this day is that for every rude person out there, there are about 86 people who are genuinely kind and amazing. (and that’s a ratio I’m content to live with for now)

(Also extra side note: Please don’t send anon hate guys :/ To anyone. When talking about artists specifically, if you have to send anything, send constructive criticism. Please please please never tell a person that their art is bad. It helps no one and it just puts people down when all they’re trying to do is have fun and improve)

" Gotta Catch’em all"

Thank you.

To all 188 of my followers this post is for you!

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So, I recently reached 500 followers and holy canoli where did you all come from I love you all.  Sooo yeah, I decided to do a follow forever in case you couldn’t tell. c:  It’s just a bunch of people that I really admire and love seeing on my dash tbh

Lovely Ducklings
Wonderful Roleplayers who I’ve had the amazing opportunity to be partners and/or friends with.  They are fantastic writers and I would not trade them for anything in the world <3

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Special Sunflowers
People who I may not have interacted with very much or at all but I still love to see them on my dashboard and they make me giggle whenever I see their posts. (and also want to rp with tbh)

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Sooo, yep.  That’s pretty much it.  I’m sure I’ve missed some people but that doesn’t mean I love any of you guys any less <3  Everybody on my blogroll is fantastic tho tbh



Thank you guys so much for all the follows I never expected to get so many followers. here is my follow forever

Best friend in the whole world: angelicsaint and  fairy-kishi

senpai’s: dripdrop-hime feariguritta

amazing people that are great friends that i will follow forever : water-juvia-lockser bigsmoke-wakaba sireniagravitas beastmegs colorfulcreampuff exceed-tales fairy-tail-beast-man fairytail-makarov fairykeyslucy felxne kitimeiji kittenxblast goldenxmaiden irondragonredfox juviawaterwoman kuronekolily mhxghes stargxze pinkettepuppeteer pink-lamb-of-the-constellations queentitanix   scriptbookworm lovelylittlegodslayer sutaxkosa thefluffyram thezodiacmaiden xexceed celestialhimelucy

masterpost of the selcas i drew for katrinawritesthings' Time Zones

plus that one additional taekey selfie that did not make it into the fic :3 (i liked the other one better anyway uwu)

…i swear these make sense if you read the thing lmao ((go read the thing its gr8))

A message to you all

I just want you to know that you guys are amazing. Every single one you are like my family. Followers, mutuals, soulmates, partners in crime, you all make my life so much better more than you can know. You guys make me smile so much and my heart swell. Thank you so much for all the smiles and laughs. Please don’t be afraid to talk to me.

Celebrating Short Hair Korra and 200 followers with some art!

This idea was way more beautiful in my mind, but my tablet pen died so guess it’s done

note: not implying that the haircut is “the greatest change”, just a symbol of the change ya feel?

                       so  I hit 1k?  that’s amazing to me,  considering the
                       truly intense amounts of hiatus’s i take on this blog,
                       both intended  and forced.  i’m so thankful for each
                       &  every one of  my followers,  truly,  but there are a
                       few of you that really make  it worth it.  this is a mini
                       list of my best friends,  the  ones  that mean more to
                       me  than  words  can say.  but  to all  of you who are
                       still around,  thank  you  so  much.  and to  all of you
                       on this list,  know  that  i  love you,  and  always  will.

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