love you all so much

((I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you so much for 5,000 followers! <3 I never would have thought this blog would reach this number and so soon too! This blog has only been up for a little more than two months.

Thank you all so much for following, supporting, and enjoying this silly little askblog, and I’m sorry I can’t post more or as much as I really want to, but I’m trying to make each ask look decent and nice for you all. 

You all are so sweet to me, and really lift me up when my days are gray, so thank you for that as well.

I just hope this blog can make you smile. <3))



May 28th, 2014 was the day that this blog was created. It’s officially been a year! I can’t believe it. You all are the absolute best! Thanks for accompanying me on this journey so far. I’m grateful for the past year and all of the years to come!

To celebrate, I decided to do a relatively small follow forever. I know that I always feel honored whenever I’m in someone’s follow forever, so I decided to honor some of you! Here are some of the blogs that I’ve noticed particularly and been drawn to in the last year.

#-c | -intheround, 82958, adoringjackson, alcapxne, annie-is-not-okay-ok, aproudmoonwalker, baderahaven, badlydangerous, badstreetwalker, behindthe-mask, beyondtheplanetsandthestars, blood58, bluemoonwalker, captaineosgirl, captaineostyle, cherrycherryshamone, cutemjj

d-g | daerryl, daily-mj, dancingmachin3, dangerous-web-of-sin, dangerouserabby, darlinmichael, dearapplehead, deepinhiseyes, doggone-lover, dustydiana, eternityjackson, expressionsofpassion, fuckyeahmichaeljackson, fuckyeahthrillererabaderababie, gazeuponthewater, geness-s, glovesocksmoonwalk

h-k | heavensgladyoucame, homeskilletbiscuit5, humamature, iamsoblue, ijcslymjj, inthe-back, itainttoomuchstuff, itsjustdesire, jacksinspired, kingmichaeljackson, kingmjjpop

l-o | leftusmuchtoosoon, lemjpanda13, livingamichaeljacksondream, love-is-a-woman, loveformichaeljackson, loveneverfeltsogood-mj, lovingyoumichael, makethatchangemjj, michaaeljackson, michaeljacksondrivesmewild, michaeljacksonmagic, michaelsbadpyt, michaelsinmoscow, michaelsmoonwalk, missingmichael, mj-foralltime, mjcanyoufeelit, mjfambelike, mjj-moonwalker, mjjdaily, mjjsociety, mjracles, mjsheartisstillbeating, mjshighpitchedscreeching, mjsloveslave, mxchaeljacksxn, mybestofjoy, myinspirationmj, mylifedangerous, n0tcheater, nothingiwilleverneed, offthewall25, ohhmichael, ohiwantyouback, onceuponajackson, oursexyking

p-s | panther-in-moscow, peaceloveglitterglove, punklovespepsi, queendirtydiana, rememberrthetime, reviewer68, salvation-army-tomorrow-bill, santafrombel-air, seriouseffect, seveninchesin, shamonejackson, shamonex, shewaslovinme, smoothccriminal, smoothcriminls, soldierofmichael, somethinggloriousisabouttohappen, sparkly-jizz, speeddemonlikeasmoothcriminal, str33twalker, strangerinmoscoww, sunset-driver, sunshinemoonlightboogie, sweetmixhael

t-w | takemybluesaway, tatianamjj, tfiosa, thatdoggonegirl, thatmichaeljackson, the-king-0f-pop, theboy-isminee, thegreatestentertainer, thewaymichaelmakesmefeel, thewaymjmakesmefeel, thisplacehotel, threatenedbyme, threatned, thrillereragirl, thrillher, thrillthispvssy, thunderinlife, todo-mi-amor-eres-tu, touchastranger, tryhardtolovemee, tuliojjackson, ucancallmehoney, unbreakableking, unorthodox-jackson-x, watzupwitu, we-can-singsongs-of-yesterday, welovejacksons, whereisbilliejean, whosfuckingbad, whoslovinyou, willyoubetherex, worldofmichael

x-z | xmichaeljacksonx, you-arethere, you-rockmyworld, you-will-always-bein-my-heart, youarenotalone-and-staystrong

Honorable Mentions:

admiringmichael - Hi, haha! Well, you’re always in my newsfeed, which I really appreciate. I can see that you take a strong liking in my blog. I love your blog as well! It’s always so neat and crisp and just looks so good! Never stop doing what you do. <3

bad-era-obsession - Oh, how do I even start? Lillian, your blog is just…ugh. It’s so amazing. I have to check your blog at least once a day or else I’ll get anxiety. You’re basically my largest tumblr inspiration. Plus, you’re an absolutely amazing artist and you’re hilarious! Your tags are very relatable, may I say. I just wanted to thank you for being you and having an amazing blog for me to look forward to every day. I’ll love you and your blog endlessly! <3

heretochangetheworld - Laura, I know we haven’t been able to talk much lately, but I just wanted to let you know how kind you are. You’re just such a sweet and genuine person. Your nice actions on tumblr always make me smile. Never ever stop being the kind and sweet person that you are. <3

iconicmichael - Steph…oh gosh, how to start? Your blog was the first one I fell in love with. I admired you so much that it was almost ridiculous! I remember being scared to ask you for a gifset of “You Rock My World”, and when I finally did it, you made it and did an amazing job. Plus, you were extremely kind to me. Now we’ve gotten closer and I’m so happy that we have. I love you lots! <3

lolassh - I know you in real life and you suck. Just kidding I LOVE YOU ASHLEY! Thanks for being an amazing friend. <3

loveless-ocean - Goodness, Char, I could write an entire book right now. Your support and love for me has been endless and I’m so grateful for that. After four years of knowing you, I’m absolutely sure that you’d do anything for me. You’re the one that picked me back up when I was ready to give up. Thank you for everything, you know how much I love and appreciate you, so I’ll try to keep this brief, haha. <3

mademoisellexdaymoonxstarnight - Nancy, you’re such a kind person. I look forward to talking to you each day. You always hear me out when I’m going through a difficult time and I’m glad that I can return the favor for you. Thank you for always being there when I need you and for being an extremely amazing friend! <3

michaeljacksonfamily - This will be pretty brief, but I just wanted to let you know how amazing your blog is to me. Your pictures are so amazing and I love looking through all of them. Whenever I see them I’m just so amazed. Keep up the hard work, you’re doing amazing! <3

michaeljacksonsdick - Paige…where do I start? We started talking not too long ago, but you’re already one of my closet tumblr friends. You’re soooooo funny, I can barely stand it! From your tags to your posts, you’re just hilarious. I love your blog to death and I’m glad that we started talking. I hope we get to talk more and know each other even better.  I love you lots! <3

michaelslaysall - Tanieya, you’re also hilarious! You always crack me up. Your blog is flawless, too. You were one of the first people I ever talked to on tumblr, and I’m glad that I did. You’re such a kind person and you’re easy to get along with! Thanks for helping to make this first year on tumblr so amazing. I love you! <3

mjkingofmyheartshamone - I really enjoy talking to you! You’re so very kind and always listen to what I have to say. Continue to be the extremely sweet person that you are, no matter what. Remember, if you ever need me, I’m right here. I love you. <3

mjslays - Girl, you are another one of the kindest blogs I’ve encountered on here! Whenever I post things - whether it’s Michael related or personal - you’re always the first to leave a reply and like it. That never goes unnoticed. Plus, your blog is absolutely amazing and stunning. Keep up your hard work, it’s paying off! I love and appreciate you endlessly. <3

moonwalkeruntilmydeath - Jane, you were one of my first real tumblr friends. You reached out to me and talked to me all the time. Although we haven’t had the opportunity to talk much lately, I’ll always be grateful for the talks we’ve had in the past. You’re extremely kind and sweet and just an all-around great person. Always continue to be the amazing person that you are. I love you! <3

smoothbutnotacriminal - Oh, Nat, my dear Nat…where to even begin? I honestly don’t even know what to say. I’m soooo blessed to have you as a close friend in my life. You’ve always been there for me when I needed you and you’ve always been one of my number one supporters. I’m more than happy to return the favor of helping you. I can’t express all of my feelings through words, and if I tried, it’d probably be the longest book in history. You’re just such an amazing and kind person, plus your blog is the best. I love you endlessly, thanks for being such an amazing friend! <3

Wow, that was long, haha! Anyways, just thank you everyone for everything you’ve done for me and my blog in the past year, whether it’s been a single like or a follow. You all mean the world to me and you’ve helped to brighten my days extremely. Thanks for making this first year so great and memorable!

With much love,



So. Wow. When I started this account, I figured that maybe I’d get a few followers and rp partners, and I would have been just fine with that. There are other Claude Frollo roleplayers out there, and I was worried that my take on him would not be a popular one, but oh my god! Two months later, and here you all are! I am endlessly delighted and honored that you’re here, and it means the world to me. I have not been able to follow all of you back, and there are still plenty more of you that I haven’t had the chance to work with (yet!), but I want you to know that from the bottom of my black, withered heart (dramatic much), thank you so so much.

Okay, enough of that part. On to the rest!



Yes, I gave you your own section. If it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be here right now (in many ways, but I’m talking specifically about Claude right now). Working with you and Bradley/Bambi/Bianca has been such an honor, and I’m so glad that we’ve been able to create this horrible, beautiful, twisted thing together. You mean so much to me, and I’m honored to be able to call you my friend. Thank you, a million times thank you.


This section is for those of you who I work with a lot, and who have made this experience such a delight. You all are so amazing and I’m so glad that we clicked that follow button on each other’s blogs.

esmeralda-is-not-your-princess | fragiliispragmatiism | presidentviktorpetrov | thealbatrosskeeper


We haven’t worked together as much as I would like, but OH BOY, I hope that we do because you all are so very special and excellent and you make it fun for me to log on in the morning.

cathxdrales | cinneamhaincultdaughterdancingforcoinsfaiirestofall | gwynplaiiine | heiressofdornejustxbelieves | jungliingsmxdammistressmxleficent | notapriizenoblestoneofkattegat | opheliaaveryragnarxlodbroksilkssongsandchivalry | worserthoughts | xthimble


For those who I have not had a chance to work with yet, but who I want to REALLY badly. Please hit me up if you’re down to clown because omg.

adellaenchanted | alluriis | authcrings | cosmother | donyokuudogmatiist | herunfailingkindnesshumbertxhumbert | indxstressinferuxs | inslumberreposemariacrossx | murroyilodelsoutherncomforted | travmsoldat | undevelopedismsvoskreshenii


I’m sure that I missed people, and I’m sorry for that, but please note that I appreciate and admire each and every one of you, and I want to thank you again.

Grimm out.

I’m poor (such is the life of a college student) but my birthday is coming up so I decided to get a bust commission from @rayeliann. I was not disappointed at all!

She made my warden Kallia Tabris look amazing! Just as I pictured her! My lovely little redhead (yes, another, I have a problem I know).

Seriously though, rayeliann was incredibly kind and patient. She was also very open for little changes and completely polite. If I could afford it, I would commission her again.

basketcase789 asked:

haha np :P When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes!

OKAY! So you don’t have to do it again but I’m going to do you as an extra

basketcase789 you’re so sweet and I remember when we first started talking and I was trying to get you to do gif reactions and all AND NOW YOU DO AND THEY ARE AMAZING (so send her some cause I got a shitload plus 2 more weeks of school and then like 2 weeks of testing)! We really need to start talking again

illaygally-amaxing I only recently started talking to you cause I’m a shy little butterfly but we are so similar and you’re so funny. You freak out about Yixing as much as me but i know you really want Lay more and we are literally insane. THAT CEO ZHANG STORY WE MADE UP THOUGH. But you’re amazing and nice and hilarious and I love you

shannoony-exo I just remember have long ass conversations with you and Idk how you like NEVER ran out of asks haha but that got us talking then you made this side blog and we talk even more. Don’t worry girl you da bae and Junmyeon will love you and I totally get how you feel cause we connect like that. You’re sweet, awesome, and your personality is literally the same as mine. EVEN OUR BOOK TASTES DAMMIT JEM!

abseoklutely we don’t get to talk much but it’s always so funny when we do. Lol one of our first convos and the first thing I do is break rule number one. I’m always shy to talk to you cause I’ve been following your blog for a long time but I’m so glad that we started talking cause you’re funny and I’m always excited to talk to you. Plus you’ve put me in your personal hell basket so that’s another thing. Love you :*

lovelychenjongdayum FIRST OFF I AM NOT JONGDAE TRASH OKAY CALM YOURSELF! But otherwise, you’re literally all I see on my blog you’re always the person who reblogs the most from me so thank you but you’re also really funny and cute and pretty plus it’s always interesting with you I probably argue with you the most (next to satsudragon)

shinee-eyebrow-game-strong OKAY FIRST THING IS YOU GOTTA CHILL! Legit the amount of side hoes you have are way too many so chill and be loyal to Taemin even if he dumped your ass. But your blog has also been one I’ve followed for a long time. I don’t really remember how we started talking you reblogged something from me once and I started freaking out then we started talking more. And your super funny and you started that exo vine craze. But you’re always interesting and you love anime too and Shinee and Exo and you’re super gorgeous!

I tried to do people I haven’t done for this one yet but there would be so many more I would love to do! Even more than just the mutuals

PSA for Lydia

I’ve been talking to Lydia (who’s understandably so emotionally and physically exhausted she can barely words), and she asked me if I could make a post to say how inexpressibly grateful she is for all the love, understanding, good thoughts, and/or prayers everyone has been sending her way. She appreciates every single one so deeply, and she wanted to make sure that you guys know how much she’s feeling the love.

So huge cyberhugs to everyone who’s reached out. It means so much to her.


anonymous asked:

It was difficult shaking the feeling of Crane away and concentrating on the paper work in front of her. For some reason, every encounter with him seemed to linger with her, even hours after the fact. In her head he was still drawing circles on her bum, his long fingers and big hands reaching around her cheeks to clamp down on her thighs. He'd spread her legs and held her upright against the rough wall of the cabin. some how she'd stayed suspended while plunged into her. -Smut Fairy

Abbie clamped her legs together, trying to forget the sensation, but failing miserably, as the slight friction between her thighs reminded her of how impressively athletic and agile, he was. How had he been able to keep her up for so long? And make her cum that fast and hard? She hadn’t been paying attention. Abbie tried concentrating again, this time grinding her pencil into the page, the words she was writing didn’t exist anymore, though, she was replaying it all in her head. -SF

He’d even done this thing… it wasn’t even that revolutionary, but it was everything. This time she’d been lying down and he was thrusting within her, and he’d… put his thumb over her pubic bone, pushing down on her mound adding a slight pressure and allowing for much more contact with every thrust. She smiled at the memory. That was a new trick. The complete feel of him washed over her, and she shivered at the ghost of an orgasm that still lingered. Abbie was helplessly at his mercy. -SF

I got a job, and just had a lot of caffeine so I smutted it up in a bunch of people’s ask boxes. I’m gonna CRASSSHHHH. Anyways. This summer hiatus is going to kill me. I need, NOW. -Smut Fairy, not having an ounce of chill atm. NERDY I AM OUT OF CONTROL, pls halp me. -Smut Fairy. btw I love this fandom.

960+ followers ¡THANK YOU!

Hello my friends, it’s been 84 years, right?! oh my god. Finally i have the chance to stay here for a long moment and what a surprise we are 969 followers actually, thank you so so so much for this it’s pure amazing! I can’t believe this sideblog reach so much. I know I always say the same thing, but my appreciation for all of you will always be eternal. Really, I really enjoy working for this blog as I can. It is of the best things I do on the day, thank you!!! 

And now~ some updates: 

    i want to say thank you to timothyhearts because she gave me so much help for the new theme, i hope all of you enjoy the theme, it’s simply pretty. <3
    This blog would be nothing without you, and as we now have a beautiful option to add affiliates, i was thinking it would be great. It’s super easy, check the updates section for more information.
    From the moment I start working on a Masterlist for the touken ranbu roleplayers. Later, I will work in a for blogs that devotedly engaged to touken Ranbu. But for now, I’ll start with the roleplayers. Don’t hesitate to ask me for your place in the Masterlist! okay? :)

¡Oh well, and that’s all! keep you enjoying this blog, it is with all my love <3
ahh~ yeah i forgot…Here are some screenshots of the new followers. Thank youuuuu seriously, i love you all <:

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cooperfitzpatrick breaking-lives lacy-of-time

I just wanted to say that you three are the best people in the world no matter how long I’ve been talking to you. You guys brighten up my day a whole lot. We’re gonna have to get together sometime in the future and have a onesie party and watch slenderverse stuff. You guys are so amazing. Thanks for being here for me when I need you. I couldn’t ask for better people to surround myself with <3 <3 <3 

let’s make 2015 the year we learn to love ourselves. let’s make it the year that we wake up and enjoy the life we are living. the year that we smile at strangers we pass on the street, and hold open more doors for others. let’s laugh more this year and cry less. count our blessings often and never dwell on our worries. make 2015 the year that you love deeper, make new friends, and radiate positivity wherever you go.