love this poem

No one could ever understand the comfort of hearing your voice. It will always be my favourite sound. No one will ever know how badly I just want to feel your skin underneath my fingertips. Home for me is in your arms. No one will ever get how much I miss you. I’d give anything just to be able to look into your eyes. You are my home, my world, my everything and all i want is to be beside you.
—  4am

One day she will turn to you and say “do you still love me?” and a million things will flash through your mind.

you loved her when you met her because it was the right time. but now things have gone lifeless and when you look in her eyes you don’t see the galaxy you see a star and stars are beautiful but they can’t sustain life and she can’t give you what you need anymore. you need to tell her, don’t keep waiting.

it wasn’t her fault and she’s still like sweet lemonade to you but your taste buds are changing and lemon isn’t your favorite any longer. maybe what you’re looking for is ice tea or coffee. you need to tell her that it’s you who changed, not her. do not let her think this is her fault. it will break her and she will turn sour.

you didn’t just wake up and decide not to love her anymore. it wasn’t because she didn’t smile at you when she was having a bad day it isn’t because she snapped at you last week it isn’t because she’s a burden because she isn’t. tell her how sometimes people lose things and it’s better to leave them lost, or things break and it’s better to leave them broken. make sure she knows this doesn’t have to break her.

one day she will ask you “do you still love me?” and you will want to lie and say yes, you will want to spare her. don’t lie it will only delay the inevitable. this love has broken and eventually she will find the cracks and if you do not warn her they will cut her. you need to warn her. you need to let her go.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #4– Lily Rain
You know I did love you right?”
“Yes I know. I loved you too.”
A pause.
“I wish it could have ended different. I wish we could have made it work.”
“I know. I will never forget you though… You will always be the one that got away.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #6, 4am

“Look at you,” he says as he tucks a strand of hair behind her ears, “you’re such a mess.”

“Such a lovely mess.”


She is most beautiful like that

Forgotten Words #30

I have no doubts on my feelings for you. I love you, I really do. But what you’re doing to me; stringing me along because you’re unsure of yours isn’t fair. I need to make up your mind and if you still don’t know, then you might as well let me go; because I can’t keep hanging onto nothing.
—  everythingvoid / no doubts
i wanted you. i wanted you at 7am when the only thing you wanted was the covers. i wanted you at 11pm when the pieces from the day started to fall into place. i wanted you the way the ocean wants the sand, the way the flowers want the sun, the way the earth wants the moon. i wanted to create something so beautiful with you. I wanted to know you inside and out like i knew the back of my hand; your vulnerabilities, what excites you, how your mind works. i wanted you so badly that i didn’t notice that you didn’t want me.