love this


i present to you … punk/fem!phan :D a.k.a. Phillipa “Pippa” Lester and Daniella “Dani” Howell.

i feel like as girls, both Dan and Phil would be so into the cool piercings and dyed hair that they prefer to keep short and also cat-eye eyeliner because yes. (is it just me or is fem!dan really hot ?? lmao bye)

please do not repost or steal or anything of the sort, as this took hours to do and i’m very proud of it <3

We buy into this idea of competition. It is out there, but it comes from a myth that there is a lack. It comes from a belief that if I succeed, someone else can’t, as opposed to: ‘If I succeed, I create the opportunity for more people to succeed.’
—  Kerry Washington

Tyler Oakley got really scared🙈🍌

Aww  could this be any cuter!

I hate the quote “stop and smell the roses.” Like no, you’re a busy person. You pick those damn flowers, thorns and all poking your fingers, and take them with you. That way you don’t have to stop everything to feel at home, you just have to remember the pain you went through to get home and let that be enough to make you smile

This is my favorite gif ever