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ButterflyBog, Murder Mystery AU

Marianne purses her lips, aware that she has a history of misjudging people based on their looks - a certain cad and ex-fiance comes to mind - but still levels a glare at the grim man in front her, a tall, dark and certainly not conventionally handsome gent whom she is certain can tell her the whereabouts of her sister…with the proper motivation, of course. 

“Once again, Mister King - ” the bossy little dame grits out, cocking that pistol at him and Bog is quite certain he should not find a woman all too willing to shoot him in cold blood this distractingly attractive, what with her brown eyes smoldering with fire and resolve and her lips a deep plum color that makes him wonder what they taste like, “ - Will you be telling me where Dawn is, or do I need to alert the police to the mysterious disappearance of one Madame Sugar Plum, last seen at your club?”

He glares at her - of course she would have heard about Plum - before he growls, “Put away that peashooter, and then you and I can have ourselves a talk.” 


“So many times you’ve asked me where I’m going, who I’m seeing, who is it I think about late at night right before I fall asleep. The answer for so many years… is you. Truth is I don’t know where I’m going anymore, but I know where I’ve been, I’ve been best friends with Evelyn since the fourth grade and she’s been the love of my life ever since. I just wanted you to know that before we all float away.” (x)

Brink (short film) (2011), directed by Shawn Christensen.
Starring: Justin Chatwin & Allison Huntington Chase.