Love Live! The School Idol Movie CM. June 13, 2015 release date.


Love Live! The School Idol Movie promo


Love Live! Movie trailer

Nico: And- we’re open for business! ♥♥ The askblog for the ♥Best Idol♥ and her Partner will now accept questions to answer! Check out our [about] page to see what we’re about, won’t you? I’ll be in your care, so please be gentle to Nico-Nii! ♥

Maki: … Please ignore whatever Nico-chan just said. You’ll be better off ignoring a lot of Nico-chan’s words, trust me. In fact, you can listen to me, okay? Before we get to answering any questions, read the [rules] page, because I don’t want to repeat myself.

Maki: Then… I g-guess you can [send in an ask] after that.

Nico: Aww, Maki-chan is excited to hear you guys, you can trust me on that! ♥