The fact that Supernatural continually thanks the fans and loves the fans and dedicates episodes to us despite how badly some of the fans have treated the show’s writers and production staff

The fact that-after everything-they still care about us

I need a moment

Were any of you hurt.


want: Human Thor/Loki AU where they were raised in the same house, but then started dating ever since they began highschool and everyone absolutely hates that Thor loves Loki so much (because Loki is really manipulative and no one likes him and they all think he’s going to ruin Thor’s potential and chances at a happy future), but Thor and Loki are still going strong into early adulthood and Thor will do anything for Loki

And Loki has this really gorgeous lightning strike tattoo down his back that he flaunts or tells people about every chance he gets because everyone knows Thor’s favorite thing besides Loki himself is lightning, so in a way it’s bragging because it’s like a brand, and Thor loves to run his fingers over the designs while they fuck :D 


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I find it to be quite appealing in some aspect. Sure its not a masterpiece though. Most of the things that I find people complaining about is just because they don’t understand what’s going on, and that makes me sad. But to each their own!

I’m about 85% sure you’d find at least one thing good for every BONES anime since you’re a BONES connoisseur man, ahah. I dont have a problem with the storyline, its more or less the pacing and the storyboarding of what’s happening when. Its also my bias that I’m not really big on the popular formula of ‘monsters of the week’ in a lot of shows, so there’s that for me.