This picture is from when I first got Lady, which was over 7 years ago now! She was only 2 1/2 months old here. She was such a little fluffball when she was a puppy, and she still is!

Forget you? How the hell am I supposed to forget the person who was my last hope? I can’t forget your dull green eyes that used to light up when you talked to me. I can’t forget the way your voice sounded when you said you loved me, or they way you said my name. God, I love the way my name sounds coming from your mouth. I can’t forget staying up late, talking, laughing, enjoying each other’s company. I can’t forget the little inside jokes. I can’t forget your favorite flavor of chips or your favorite color or how you hate lotion. I can’t forget your favorite flavor of tea; I drink it everyday, but it’ll never satisfy me like you. I can’t forget how you look with your hair up, no makeup and a big t-shirt. You’re fucking beautiful. I can’t forget the person I’m madly in love with. I can’t forget you.