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The Boring, Pathetic Misogyny of Eminem’s “Love Game”

“The song’s full off the sort of tired teenage stereotypes that a man in his 40s should have long since left behind. You can pretty much check them off as you read down the lyric sheet: girls who “put out” are sluts and not to be trusted (“You confirmed my low end theory, though/ Should’ve known when I made it all the way to third base/ And that was only the first date, coulda made it to home plate”). Women are nags and shrews (“Here goes that broken record, cliché/ It’s all my fault anyway”). They’re also unstable and unpredictable and prone to overreaction (“Back together but forgot today was her b-day, cut me off on the freeway/ Simple misunderstandin’ but just as I went to slam on the brakes/ Then I realized that she may be as crazy as me, wait/ Bitch cut my fuckin’ brakeline, stepped on them fuckers eight times”).

And so on. On the whole, the women depicted are cardboard cutouts, devoid of any motivation beyond apparently existing to be evil and nefarious and inflict heartbreak on poor, trusting men. (It’s no coincidence, surely, that the song’s last verse references false rape accuser Leanne Black, with the implication being again that women are not to be trusted.)

It’s equally disappointing that Lamar’s verses find him largely abandoning the subtlety and depth that made Good Kid, m.A.A.d Citysuch a compelling narrative, slipping instead into sub-Slim Shady silliness (“Cops pull us over, they just wanna know if you gargle, singin’/ I hope she’s good enough, meanwhile you’re chasin’ her/ Chlamydia couldn’t even get rid of her”). The art of peer pressure indeed. But really, it’s Eminem, back on his old lyrical hobby horse of what to do with a woman who’s hurt his fragile little heart.”

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I confess I’m a static addict, I guess that’s why I’m so clingy. Every girl I’ve ever had either says I got too much baggage Or I’m just too dramatic Man what the fuck is the matter? I’m just a fucking romantic. I fucking love you, you fucking bitch!
—  Eminem - Love Game
  • DJ:but suho is nice to d.o., right?
  • D.O.:yes, he is.
  • BAEK/CHEN:because they're a couple.
  • DJ:have you bought any new couple items with suho lately?
  • D.O.:not lately, but we have the same pair of shoes.
  • DJ:you should wear them here someday!
  • D.O.:ah yes, yes, i will.
  • DJ:do you want to come out with suho then, instead?
  • D.O.:(hesitates)
  • CHEN:OooOooooOOhhHHH
  • BAEKHYUN:oh of course, we're nothing, don't mind us!
  • trans;itsaconspiracy