swaldani said:

the meme team goes on an adventure

meme team grew since last prompt call. they cant fit in the woods anymore cause thetes too many of them. nwo theyre at the beach instead, because salem is writing this prompt and she said so. there are still trees though, because it wouldny be the same otherwise. if there were no trees where would anana sit

everyone is sin the sand, having a good time. lain brough potions for everyone, but not the strongest potions, because lain is a rascal with no respecgt for memes. we still lovbe them anyway. salem kick over a potion in defiance becase salam is a meme but the potion doesnt break because that was the oplan all along, and also the protions are strong

mary snapchaqtted a picture of the sky to everyone. maddy look at their phone “mary this is that sky” they say as they pont to the sky overhead. “its that sky. right there”

"yes but does that sky have a heart in it????" maddy look away "checkmate" say mary and send a snap of her leg with flower emojis on it. everyone screenshotted it

the sun went doen. “GAY SKY” fay hollers “FAY SKY GAY SKY”

we should go to the beach

The Cordova Sketchwear 3rd Product

Storyline by rahneputri

"Kemanapun engkau terbang,akulah yang akan pulang dan hinggap di tangkai matamu bersarang di tiap nafasmu.Diamlah disini,jangan terbang lagi. Simpan sayapku dengan rapi. Aku hanya tak ingin terpisah lagi”

————————————————————————————————- IDR 95.000
To order, please call/SMS : +6285640064078 with form like this :



Feel free to ask :)

Boyfriend material

Micheal Clifford,  is someone I would date and be cuddly with and we could dye each others hair and shit. He would be my punk and we would play Green day and dance to it like its the sweetest song ever. He would be lovable and very protective. <3

Ashton Irwin, he would be the big and little spoon. Letting you breath into his neck as you sleep next to him. He would let you wear his favriot shirts and his glasses. He would also make you laugh a lot even at the worst times.

Luke hemmings, being tall always came in handy when cooking or having to act mean to protect you. He would sing your favorite songs and let you wear all his beanies even his grey one. He didn’t even let calum wear that one.

Calum hood, would be hyper and want to go on midnight walks in the cold. Letting you huddle into his chest as you both sleep. He would make breakfast and talk to you daily about the future. Loving you was the second thing on his brain. First being his family.