'In case' ~ Demi Lovato, 'Amnesia' ~ 5sos mashup { Michael Clifford }

rating: swearing 

a/n: ive never tried writing with two different lyrics but why not give it a shot! Lyrics in bold and italic will be from In Case by Demi Lovato and lyrics in bold but not italic will be from Amnesia by 5sos


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You dragged your suit case up your shared apartment with Michael, you couldn’t believe what you had just seen. 

Michael Gordon Clifford kissing another girl at the club

flash back

'Babe please come to the club with me' Michael whined. He had been bothering your for the past thirty minutes trying to get you to the club

'Okay fine' you huffed

'Meet me downstairs in 10?'


Once you got your make up done, you slipped on some black heels that matched your tight black dress, you walked downstairs to meet with Michael

' If you wan't to leave, find me and we can go'

'Sure' you murmured, not sure if Michael heard it or not

Once he parked into the drive way and entered the club, you already lost sight on Michael. 

Sighing, you went to the nearest bar and ordered two shots of vodka. Drinking down the burning liquid, you could feel it churning in your stomach. You downed an extra two and started to feel a little dizzy and decided to try and find Michael. You searched for around 10 minutes to find Michael in a corner with a girl on his lap, his hands traveling around her, his lips ghosting around hers. 

You could already feel your tears brimming the edge of your eyes. Hesitantly, you wondered if you should confront him, but you decided to just leave, he probably wouldn’t realize anyways. 

You walked out in your heels, stumbling and half drunk. Sticking out your arms like a frantic, you finally got a cab and hopped in. After endless turns and twists, you finally arrived home. Opening your wallet, you saw a picture of you and Michael on your one year anniversary. 

Pictures in my pocket
Are faded from the washer
I can barely just make out your face
Food you saved for later
In my refrigerator
It’s been too long since later never came

Again, you could feel your mascara running down your face.

I remember the make-up running down your face
And the dreams you left behind you didn’t need them
Like every single wish we ever made

You wiped your running mascara off with the back of your hand. 

flash back over

You dragged your suit case up your shared apartment with Michael, you couldn’t believe what you had just seen. 

Michael Gordon Clifford kissing another girl at the club.

Thousands of questions rushed through your mind at once, was it because you were boring, or was it because you weren’t good enough for him?

Nonetheless, you were still fuming. You pulled out all your clothes from your wardrobe, shoes from the shoe cabinet, make up from the bathroom, everything that you owned. 

Although it was late at night, you decided to sleep at your best friend y/f/n ‘s house. She would never mind.

You didn’t bother checking your phone and went to sleep. 


You woke up to 5 calls and 87 messages from Michael. You clicked into your messages and see what he had to say. You scrolled to the bottom, not caring what he mentioned before

Michael: babe where are you

You: don’t babe me

Michael: what have I done wrong?

You: seems like you had fun last night

Michael: what

You: you do realize I saw you making out with that chick right? 

Michael: Oh shit

Michael: Babe I’m so sorry

You: I obviously wasn’t on your mind when you fucked her

You: I guess I’m not as hot as her, not as fit as her. Guess I’ll be staying at y/f/n’s house

You: Bye

Do you guys want a part two or nah?


Four years ago, this amazing girl became an inspiration to tons of people. She has helped so many people in four years and today I can proudly say that Demi has helped me through some things and I am always gonna be thankful for that. Lovatics are not just a fanbase. It’s a family and although we’ve had our ups and downs this is a very special day for us. All of us. Demi helped us and we helped her and that’s what families do. Also, I am very, very proud of everything she has achieved in this four years. She is a strong warrior now and I will always look up at her and support her no matter what. #Lovatics #DemiLovato #28thJanuary #FourYearsSinceRehab #StayStrong #PROUD