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i really really really want to reach 32k by my blogs second birthday on friday. like it would mean the WORLD to me. 
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Follow Forever :: Summer 2013

These blogs are all amazing and fabulous! Some of them I’m friends with and others I just obsess over and wish I was friends with. Either way I love each and every one of you. Thanks for keeping my dashboard sexy!

(I’m also 100% sure I forgot someone and I’m sorry x1000. Please forgive me.)


a-f: britainspayne, camptommo, chapelofholmes, curlschapl, dirtsbag, doncockstah, emperorzayn, fapziall, fatalou, feloniall, finelystyles

g-l: geekyhoran, haerystyls, harrspray, heareh, hharrie, irelou, loupotters, loustum, loutattoo

m-o: mclouvin, mulilgar, mullingarnights, nialldiva, niallurby, nialriver, omgfstyles, oopszayn

p-u: paynecane, retrolou, sirlourry, snogniam, snuglou, stylinsonmoan, stylzchapel, stylehazz, thetomno, tomlinangels, unfhazz

v-z: westmth, wolverhamptom, wtfhaz, zahhyn, zaynrocksmyworld, zenfords

sorry for the shitty edit!! all these badass blogs i have mutual follows with and i’ll follow them forever because they’re amazing blogs!

forelounorwolvhampmczaynbtwcaldereleancr, edsheerantelanorjcaldereleanorrrcalderloupotterslegendarycaldersweaterharrehlukehemming, delousionsoklouordinarycaldergrungeperrie, louistomliksonbensaffleck,tho1975pipedowns, tomlensinsliouistomllnsnlirryr, onedirectionzappersteapartysfrostyjaweedhstylersloudons, niallerkingoftheniallshitsyouhoenarrydamncara, znmelikhorandoll, 20irishcaradelevigneteaselukebradcuntharrysnudecalrumcrackstylesdoingniallsalevtoreowloucraiczhobonarrybestsnogevermoansharryclayur,fromthestairstotheworldstudhaznarrybabesheartzmalik,tomiinson, harloldmcwrap, zerriechanniall

and this is a list of people that i wish followed me;

passionpaynebenwinstagram, louwilliumcantbetamedsextharryactuallycryinggetthisoffnoniallnetsflix, queencorndogliteralsamebradickkardashyifuckinghateniallbangcaster, , nointerrruption, thirstyniallrockmafiastattooedzayn

This is for all the people who’ve made my dashboard really special. I love every single one of you.  I want to thank you all for making my dash so flawless. Also favorites are in bold. 


♡  Cheerupsmelly ♡ Coldaplay Diablou ♡ Dirtbag


Electriclou ♡ Frenchsfries ♡ Harrystlyz Hoehazza 


♡ Jaweedzain ♡ Jessynels ♡ Kicklou ♡ Living-like-niam ♡ Loupotters ♡ Lrelondon ♡ lustnarry ♡ Malickdicks ♡ 


♡  onedirectionssecrets ♡  Oopszayn ♡  Oralmalik ♡  Stylessavedme ♡  Stylinites ♡  Stylhoe ♡ 


♡ Weyniall ♡ 

Y & Z

♡  Zahhyn ♡  Zarrybitch ♡ 


I hope i have every thing right. I love you all so much. This is not all. I just am way to tired to add more. Please don’t be offend if you are not in this list. ♡ 

-Love Cassidy♡ 

(x) Credit for edit 

I feel like Louis is such a gentleman and like really dapper. Like, if you went to open your door to get outta the car he’d be like, “no, babe. let me get it!” and then he’d run over to the other side of the car to let you out. He’d tuck your hair back in place on a windy day, kiss your temple while you’re walking together (hands entwined) and text you goodnight every night. When he goes on tour he makes sure to call you at least every other day to check if you’re alright and not missing him too too much and to remind you how much he loves you. I just-

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MBF tattooedzayn & loupotters

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