Patricia’s Louis Imagine Request


“H- hello,” I spoke to her after walking into the store she worked at. It was around midnight, when no one was there and she was almost done for the day. I worked in the same building, so after my shift ended, I would come to her to keep her company.
“Hi, Louis,” she responded sleepily, covering her mouth with her hand as she yawned. She was always the last person in the store, and she always locked up. I had watched her do so exactly one- hundred times that night. As I watched her close the gate and lock it, I realized just how much I had fallen for her, but she didn’t feel the same. Why would she? I knew I wasn’t perfect. I had tattoos and my hair was always messy. I didn’t wear socks and I fancied the color black a little too much. She was perfect, almost angelic. She was so pretty and nice and kind and smart, it was painfully obvious to me that I would never get her. She was so out of my league, it was depressing.
“God, I’m so tired. How do you stay up this late?” she asked me through a yawn as we made our way to the exit of the mall.
“Practice,” I replied, looking around at the practically empty building. It looked like a ghost town. She nudged me slightly as I looked down at her and admired her smile, gently nudging her back. Suddenly she took my hand and intertwined her fingers with mine, surprising me. I glanced down at her again, but she acted like nothing had changed. Like it was completely normal for her to hold my hand. Electricity ran through my veins too quickly as we continued to walk.
“Hey, Lou?” she asked, stopping. I stopped also and turned to her, not letting go of her hand.
“Yeah?” I asked, and she looked down at her feet, her cheeks slightly blushing.
“It’s been a hundred days since we met,” she stated, still facing the floor. “I know it’s super dorky that I remembered…”
“No, I did too,” I mentioned, and she looked back up at me.
“You’ve been counting, too?” she asked, stepping closer to me so that our toes were touching.
“Of course… of course I have…” I trailed off as she looked at me, her eyes mesmerizing me. We simply stared at each other for awhile. I couldn’t tell you how long.
“Louis?” she asked, gliding her tongue over her lips.
“If I asked you to kiss me… would you?” she questioned, and I nearly passed out, but I tried my hardest to keep my feet planted. I nodded as she rested her hands on my shoulders. “Kiss me?” she requested, and somehow my arms found theirselves placed on her waist, pulling her closer. Before I could think about anything, I pressed my lips to hers. I could feel her slightly breathe on my cheek, her chest rising against mine. Her lips tasted of cherries; the sweet kind of taste, opposed to the bitter, medicine sort of taste I despised. I kissed her passionately, trying to process what had changed. Why she suddenly saw me in the way she did. But then it hit me. Maybe I wasn’t polished or some kind of pretty boy. Maybe I wasn’t the richest guy or the smartest one. Maybe I wasn’t perfect, but I was prefect for her, and I would love her endlessly.

Hope you like it Patricia! xx

3:55 AM