Ship For @lettheselittlethings

Description Given: I’m about 5'8’’ and I’m curvy and I like to write and read and I did ballet for about 15 years before I quit for University and I love music and I’m really awkward at describing myself oopsies. :) x

Ship: Liam Payne

Where You Meet: Waterstone’s

What You Were Wearing:

Cute Texts:

First Date Setting: Moscow Ballet




Best Friend In the Band: Harry Styles

Your Lockscreen:

His Lockscreen:

Your House Together:


Engagement Ring:

Wedding Theme: Classic


Honeymoon: Florida Keys


Corbann James (3 years-old)

Willow Taylor (7 months-pregnant)

Hi, my love.

Here is your ship request.

I’m sorry with how late it is up, but I hope the quality will make up.

Hugs and Kisses,

Caitlin xxx

this is to the guy who showed us how to be happy and feel special.

to the guy who taught us how to have fun at all times. 

to wear funny clothes and pull funny faces because we can. to be different.

and most importantly, he taught us that even though you grow older, you can always be a kid at heart.

happy 23rd birthday, louis. we love you.

Look at their smiles. They’re trying so hard to stay strong for us. And now, we have to make a promise to stay strong for them. We will support eachother through everything. Because we are a family.

anonymous asked:

I know you get asked this a lot and i kinda feel bad for asking you but im coming back from vacation, which is like a 7 hour drive, (on mobile) and id really appreciate if you could post a masterlist of your prefs? thank you so much xx

of course! yeah dont feel bad, takes a couple seconds is all ! here you go :)

1.How you meet

2.First date

3.First kiss

4.He asks you to move in

5.Your house

6.He’s sick

7.What he tweets to you on tour

8.Nicknames he calls you

9.Nicknames you call him

10.He’s upset / had a bad day

11.You drag him shopping



14.What you name your children

15.Cake you make him for his birthday

16.Why the fans adore you

17.How you wake him up

18.What he does when he’s mad at you

19.What he teaches you

20.You give him the silent treatment

21.His phone background

22.You drop him off at the airport

23.He misses you on tour

24.He sees you crying

25.How you two sleep

26.He sleeps talks

27.The cute little thing that he does

28.You tell him your pregnant

29.He does press ups over you

30.How he likes your hair

31.How he gets your attention

32.You two have matching …………

33.Your first pet together

34.His reaction during the birth of your child

35.Spending your day off together

36.Your apartment (or house) gets broken into

37.Something he does that annoys you

38.He’s jealous

39.He’s asleep when you come home

40.Your favorite picture of him

41.Your on your period

42.He wants to cuddle

43.What he gets you for your birthday

44.Your mentioned in an interview

45.The song that reminds him of you

46.His scent

47.Your scent

48.Perfume shopping with him

49.Good Morning Text

50.He has a nightmare

51.It’s his birthday

52.Wiping tears

53.When you’re mad he…..


55.You’re short

56.What you do most often together

57.He comes home from tour

58.What age you are when your married

59.He has the flu


61.He’s drunk

62.He can’t sleep


64.Laughing gas

65.“Calm down….”

66.“Baby girl….”

67.Butterfly kisses

68.He likes it when you…..


70.Cuddle ?

71.He always tells you…..

72.Asthma attacks


74.“I’m just frustrated……”


76.Demons of the night.

77.Soft skin

78.Firm hand


80.Bad Moods


82.Bare chested