So, I know tumblr’s been good about these things before and we’re in a bit of a bind in my house…
This is our kitty Waffles

Silly little butterball of love who’s now 4 years old. She is indoor/outdoor and while outdoors she went missing for a couple of days. She returned home a couple of hours ago and has a very bad bite wound. By very bad I mean infected and fur gone and near seeing in her. She’s off to the Vet ER now, but we’re looking at a pretty steep vet bill considering how deep the infection of it has eaten at her and we just want our baby home asap.She’s important to us and out other cat whose practically her hubby is freaking out since he saw her. Our little married kitties:

Who is not happy that she had to go anywhere without him.

At the moment, any help to get her covered would be appreciated to ends I can’t even begin to explain. She’s the sweetest motherly kitty ever. I don’t wanna post the wound pic we have, just because I don’t want to gross anyone out, but I mean if you need to see it to believe me I’ll send it to you in a message but its…not okay looking.
I’m going to put a donate button on my blog, any thing would help. Even just signal boosting this would be amazing of you.
Or my paypal is: eyebrowsandbolotime@live.com
I will happily do art in return for it too. I just want my baby home and okay and not put down because we can’t afford a vet bill right now.


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The first image is Alice on the first day we spent time with her alone. She was 7 years old and we’d only just met her the day before during a visit with her caseworker. We took her to a nearby field with our little dog so we could just hang out and get to know her. She picked up a stick and immediately started shooting things like it was a gun. She’s imaginative to her core. When you’ve grown up with very few toys you learn to make your own. She’s a girl and she likes sparkles and rainbows and kittens, but she also likes skulls, guns, climbing trees, blood, and bruises. She will not fit into your box so please stop trying to put her there.

“There’s no wrong way to be a girl.”

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